Can You Scrap License Plates?

Ever wonder if you can scrap your old license plate for some extra cash? Well you’re in luck, we have some information on how to scrap your license plate and make some money on them. Unlike street signs which are harder to scrap, license plates are your property and can be recycled for scrap earnings.

How To Prepare Your License Plate for Recycling

When you are switching license plates for a new set or are scrapping cars, you can consider recycling it with your local scrap yard or the DMV. With personal identification information attached to a license plate, it can be a better option bringing in to the DMV just to be safe. However, if you would like to add it to your aluminum scrap pile or stock pile it with other aluminum you are saving, you can do that as well.

Yes, You Can Scrap Your License Plates

Our team at the iScrap App suggests that you recycle your license plates with the DMV and also check with your local scrap laws before considering to scrap it. When you have a license plate you would like to scrap, you can throw it in with your other aluminum scrap. We suggest calling your local scrap yard to ask them what grade of aluminum they would put the license plate with.

Once you know how to sort the aluminum license plate with other scrap, we suggest cutting the license plate up and/or scratching the numbers and letters off to be safe when scrapping it with your local yard. It’s just a good practice to save a possible headache if the material is taken or distributed into the wrong hands.

Other Recycling Options For License Plates

Finding an artist that uses license plates as materials, can also be a viable solution for you. They may be looking for certain colors or states to work with. There are many artists that collect license plates to use for cut outs, maps, and designs that may pay a higher than scrap price.
You could also look for collectors, who may be looking for particular styles and years of license plates to add to their collection. Search online to find some collectors and reach out to them. This can be particularly helpful if you are collecting a lot of licenses plates from older cars and trucks.

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