Can You Scrap Laptop Screens?

Laptop recycling is on the rise

Laptops are one of the great items that you can look for for scrapping. While most scrap yards do not accept monitors, many yards that take electronics will take the laptop screens as long as they are attached to the laptops themselves.

Scrapping Laptop Screens & Other Computer Parts

The laptop screens are not CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) and do not have as many harmful gases and lead dust elements as some older monitors used to. They have to be treated correctly, so ensure your local scrap yard knows how to handle them correctly.

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Laptop Parts Are More Expensive…

Nowadays, laptop parts are much more expensive than normal computer tower parts, and because of that, you want to look around to see if you can resell many laptop parts instead of just scrapping them. From the hard drives to the power supplies, all components must be made smaller and just as efficient so that the particular laptop brand continues to accrue customer loyalty and good business going forward.

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You will be able to find more and more laptops in the coming years due to their rise in popularity and the drastic price drop that we have seen in recent years. Many consumers are ditching the bulkier and bigger desktop computers and buying laptops. So also keep an eye out for desktops that may be being replaced and scrapped for their e-scrap value.

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