Can You Scrap Coins for Copper?

scrapping coins for metal

Ever think about scrapping old coins, even some of the copper pennies made from before 1982? Well, it is a very tempting idea, but believe it or not, it is illegal to do. Scrapping U.S. Currency (as well as many other nations’ currencies) is illegal, and you will find it very hard to sell the old coins to your local scrap yard.

We have answered many questions from people about scrapping copper pennies because the value of copper has become worth more than a penny, but it still will be very difficult (if not impossible) to find anyone to take a penny…well, for more than a penny a piece.

Some coins you can scrap are non-U.S. currency brass coins, whether they are commemorative coins or other brass ones from game centers or casinos.

It might be fun for you to try to melt down the pennies but know that when you do so, you may lose the ability to sell that scrap to a yard. Hope this gives you a little more insight on scrapping old coins!