Can You Scrap a Boat?

scrapping boats

Let’s go over boats and other types of water vehicles. There are many types of items from aquatic toys that are scrapable. Many of these items are very good for scrap metal from the engines to the entire shell itself. You can find items inside scrapable boats: aluminum body row-boats, steel engines, Brass propellers, stainless steel hardware, and lead keels. These items are all great for scrapping and can be found in many boats and water vehicles.

Sometimes, the entire vehicle, like a row boat, is also good for scrapping. One thing that you really have to look out for is fiberglass and plastic scrap. Many boats have fiberglass in them; when they do, you must be careful to cut it out ahead of time. Some yards will not like how dirty certain items are, and when they are dirty or too long, it is worth cleaning them.

Certain larger boats will have large pieces of Lead in them as a counterweight; those are great items to be able to cut out as well. You can also look for heavy marine batteries that will be a great scrap item.

Scrap ya Later!

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