Can You Recycle Freon from Air Conditioners?

Freon is something that is not a metal…but can be very interesting to recycle. There are many different types of Freon and like scrap metals they all have different values. Knowing what type of Freon is inside of the air conditioners, freezers, or refrigeration units that you have will benefit many people.

Do Scrap Yards Buy Freon?

Removing freon from appliances

Also most scrap yards will refuse any appliances and objects that have freon inside so they don’t get in trouble as well. If you are having trouble finding someone to recycle the freon properly, you may want to ask you local scrap yard, they may work with someone that can help you.

There are not “scrap yards,” that you can bring this coolant too, but you will be able to find some mobile people who might pump the systems in return for the Freon, or if you have a lot some people may even buy it.

Many Different Kinds Of Freon

Knowing the different types of Freon that you may have is important and some of the types include R22, R404a, as well as many others. Some different ones may cost you money to get rid of, but if you have enough weight you may even be able to get paid for the different types (when you have enough of it). Finding and establishing a relationship with a qualified refrigerant remover will be beneficial for multiple reasons, two of which are because of the environmental concerns….and the second because of money.

How Can I Remove Freon?

Many times when you are scrapping you will have to figure out the best way to recycle freon for the appliances or machines you are taking apart. It can be a hefty fine by the EPA is you are attempting to remove freon without an HVAC license. So be careful when you are scrapping certain materials. Your best option is to contact a local HVAC contractor to remove the freon legally and safely.

Your best option would be to contact a local HVAC Contractor and have them remove and take the freon away from your appliances or machinery. They can affectively recycle it and dispose of it properly without worrying about the effect on the environment.


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