By Choice or Laws: Why Are Scrap Yards Upgrading To New Technology?

Today’s younger generation has no problem accepting and adapting to the new technology that is developed. The question is if the older generation is succumbing to these changes because of necessity, or because they want to. This is the same question when it comes to scrap yards, though many yards are adapting with technology that is available, other yards are sticking to the same routines that have worked for decades.

Changing Times, Call For Change in Technology

While some scrap operates without changing their methods, they may soon face legislation and laws that may prevent them from operating with their “traditional” techniques. With the large increase of scrap metal theft across the world coupled with the weakened economic times in the US, legislators are pushing scrap yards to become more vigilant while buying scrap metal.

Newer technologies that are being created are not only bringing scrap yards into the 21st century but they are also contributing to higher security measures. With things like: high tech cameras, digital scales, scrap software computers, ATM cash machines, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly machinery, and metal identification X-Ray analyzers, scrap yards are beginning to become technology driven companies.

Some scrap yards that are still operating with hand written receipts and cash windows, may soon have to start to adapt some of the newer technology like, cameras, scrap software, and metal identification systems, due to new laws. Legislators are beginning to implement new regulations that would require scrap yards to record information for customers that are selling them material.Scrap Laws Are Making Necessary Changes

States across the US are already requiring regulations like: copy of drivers license, license plate numbers, waiting periods to receive checks, and more. Some of the proposed new legislation that are being implemented are:

  • Customers are paid out in checks rather cash. (Waiting up to 7 days to be paid)
  • Pictures taken of all the material coming into the facility & being weighed.
  • Pictures of the vehicles coming in must be recorded along with license plate.

While many scrap yards are hesitant about the changes due to inconvenience and cost, soon they may not have a choice but to adopt new technology because of new legislation being passed.

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While scrap yards may have been established and operated successfully without new technology, like many other industries, the scrap metal must eventually evolve and catch up with the latest technology, even if the law requires them to.

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