Boots & Beds: 2 Things You Should Never Buy Cheap

We often look for the best deals when we are selling scrap, looking for tools, shopping for anything online or filling the gas tank up. But when is there a good time to spend a lot of money on things….our answer is simple. Boots & Beds.

Give Yourself The Best Rest

Think about it, you are sleeping on a bed 5-8 hour a night…forever. Yes some of the beds are way too overpriced, but that does not mean that you should buy a super cheap one either. Find something that is of quality so you can get quality rest to kick scrapping ass the next morning.

Buying Quality Bed

Spending time to find the right bed is very important and you want to be able to have the right bed to sleep on so when you go to work in the morning (or night) that you are feeling as refreshed as possible and that you helped treat your body right. While eating healthy can be tough when you are on the road and working all day, you always want to give yourself the best opportunity to rest when you are at home.

Get Boots That Love Your Feet

The other thing that we always preach that you should never cheap out on is boots. Here’s a little story:

“”An employee at a scrap yard bought dollar “work boots,” because they were cheap, looked nice, and were featured at a popular national “department store”. Three weeks later the soles were falling off and there were already holes in the sides.”

quality work boots

Buying name brand boots is generally one of the smarter things that you can do when you are working on your feet all day. Brands like Timberland and Red Wing have made a name in the blue-collar working industry for a reason by having some of the best boots for scrap metal workers, union workers, and any other type of industry that you walk and are around heavy machinery.

It’s More Than Just Feet

Think about it, beds and boots are two of the most important tools that you don’t even realize that you can use every single day that you are working. Having great support on your feet (don’t rule out getting extra orthopedic insoles, like Dr. Scholl’s, either) will make the difference and could alleviate the pain on your back or lower body from moving around all day.

Keeps You Safe & Still Working

Also, we haven’t even mentioned about the safety part about it. Many times the steel-toed boots that are made cheaper may seem safe, but be honest with yourself. Do you want to use boots that just have a piece of metal in it or a brand boot that has spent time and money to research the best safety features on your foot?

Ok, But These Are Expensive Items…

While these two items are expensive, a good bed can last from 5-10 years if you take care of it and rotate it. Think about it as an investment like a sawzall, a drill, or a truck, you want the best and most reliable one.

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A good pair of work boots could last in the area of 4-8 months and that is not too bad considering the amount of time you are on your feet loading scrap metal or working on the job site.

Remember you can always use part of your scrap metal earnings to save up for these items and they will pay off in no time. You will be more well-rested and be safer and healthier with quality work boots on the job.

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