Big Mac Meets Molten Copper (VIDEO)

melted copper poured on hamburger

Man Pours Liquid Copper on Big Mac Hamburger

A YouTuber, Tito4re, recently wanted to conduct an experiment to see what would happen when he poured molten copper on a McDonald’s Big Mac Hamburger Sandwich. He takes a bit of copper wire and scrap and begins to melt it in his own foundry. Copper’s melting point is 1,984°F (1,085°C), so you can imagine that that is some HOT copper. We guess this is what happens when you have copper left over during low scrap prices.

Melting Copper Wire for Big Mac

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When he is all finished he shows off the encrusted layer of copper leftover after he has poured it over the famous burger. Tito4re is not new to this, he pours molten copper on things quite often as you can see on his YouTube channel.

Copper from poruing on Big Mac

Watch: Man Pours Molten Copper on Big Mac Hamburger

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*Please do no try this at home without the proper training and protective equipment.*