Best Tips for Scrapping During All Weather

Are you aware that the US scrap metal recycling market is worth $30.1 billion? But more importantly, it’s expected to grow by 8.3% in 2022. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, selling scrap metal is an ideal solution. But, as with any industry, there are many things that you should know for your scrapping job to be successful. 

Considering the nature of the job, one such important factor that you should figure out is how to operate your business during different seasons. This is because the items are commonly available for scrapping change with the weather.

Read on to get the best tips for scrapping during different weather conditions. 

Summer Scrapping

One of the best times to scrap is summer as there’s a wide range of products to target. These include:

A/C Units

As the temperature rises with the summer, people’s reliance on air conditioning units for cooling will increase. For optimum efficiency, many people will replace their units with new ones. Therefore, as you begin your part-time scrapping business, keep your eye out for A/C units by the curb during the summer.

BBQ Grills and Alcohol Cans

Get started scrapping during the summerOne of the reasons people look forward to summer is because the weather is conducive to outdoor activities. As such, people pull out their grills and order lots of beer for merry-making. This presents a great opportunity as there’ll be a lot of beer cans and old grills to collect by the roadside. 

Poolside Equipment

Another key summer activity people love is swimming. But, as people begin to use their pools, they’ll likely find that some parts need replacing. Some of the parts you should watch out for are pool heaters and pool motors. 

Lawn Furniture

For people to enjoy their barbecues, they’ll also bring out lawn furniture. But, after months of being stashed away, such furniture may be rusted or damaged. Combined with sales by furniture stores, it’s likely that you’ll see old furniture by the curb. 

Scrapping During Spring

Another time of the year that’s relatively comfortable for scraping is spring. While most of the scrap you’ll get during summer will be by the roadside, this time of the year, it will be a little different. You’ll need to interact with people and use your power of negotiation. 

Some of the places you’ll find scrap during spring include:

  • Garage sales – Be on the lookout for garage sales within your neighborhood, as this is the time people love getting rid of things they do not use. Try bringing items such as bikes, gym equipment, electronics, and bicycles at bargain prices. 
  • Participate in community cleanups- Volunteer for community cleanups, especially those beside a busy road. You may find many car parts from wreckages. 
  • Look out for scrap on Craigslist – Not everyone will have enough things to hold a yard sale. However, some will post items on Craigslist. So, be on the lookout for items posted within your neighborhood.
  • College campuses – College students clean out their dorms and apartments before moving home. This process also involves eliminating broken items that could provide value as scrap or through reselling.
  • Events – Spring is a popular time for events and festivals. And, where many people gather, you’ll likely find a lot of cans for recycling.
  • Recreation Center – Call or visit your local recreation center to find out if there’s old equipment they’re getting rid of.                     


During Fall, the weather will become a bit cooler, making it more challenging to scrap. So, if you’re doing part-time scrapping, you’ll need to be very keen. Here are some tips to help.

  • Keep an eye out for broken gutters- While getting leaves off the roof, gutters or siding can break. Be keen on such items in your neighborhood.
  • Electric motors from equipment- Equipment such as chainsaws and lawnmowers may break down during cleaning. As they do, any engines thrown away provide you with easy access to copper.

Rainy Day

In fairness, albeit it can be rewarding, scrapping is not the most straightforward job. And it becomes even more complicated when it rains. Nonetheless, you’ve still got to make a buck from your scrapping job. So instead of going out when it’s raining, you can work from your garage on such days.

For this, you’ll need to ensure that you gather as much scrap beforehand. So, instead of looking for more, you’ll be sorting your haul as you wait for the next best day to scrap. Some of the things you can do during this time include:

What You Need to Know About Snow and Winter

As with most sectors, cold weather is not ideal for scrapping. As such, for your scrapping job to thrive, you must understand how winter and snow affect the industry. Here are some things you should know:

Scrap Availability Reduces

During the winter, scrap is not readily available as with other seasons, and there are several reasons for this. To begin with, construction projects slow down as only indoor work can continue. Also, plumbing works and other jobs that produce scrap are reduced. 

Reduced Traffic to Scrap Yards

On top of the reduced availability of scrap, getting what’s available to scrap yards is challenging during the snow. This is especially so considering that bulk and regular scrap sellers spend most of the time on the road. So, their movement is highly reduced with ice or snow on the streets, further limiting scrap supply.


Aside from the weather conditions, the holiday season also impacts the scrap industry significantly. This is because many people are not working. Therefore, scrap production is low.       

Become a Smart Scrapper

Whether it’s full-time or part-time, your scrapping job can be rewarding. First, however, you need to make full use of the tips in this article. But that’s still not enough. You’ve also got to know what’s going on in the industry at all times. 

iScrap App is the ideal solution for this. It provides critical market insights, including prices and scrap yards near you. This allows you to make informed decisions and get maximum value for your efforts. Download the app today to begin your scrapping journey on a high note.  

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