Best Tips for Driving In The Snow

tips for dirving in the snowWhen the winter time hits, there’s always that first major snowstorm that throws everyone for a loop. People run out to the grocery store pick up the essentials, get their snow plows ready, and prep their shovels and snowblowers. When you are scrapping during the slower winter months, it’s important to keep a few things in mind for the best tips for driving in the snow. Below we have listed a few of the best tips for driving in hazardous conditions, but remember DO NOT travel under state emergencies and only travel in bad weather if it is absolutely necessary.

Best Tips For Driving In The Snow

Check Your Tires

Penny Tire Test Winter DrivingBe sure to check your tires at the beginning of the winter season for the depth of treads. It’s important to have a good set of tires on your car or truck to ensure the best grip on the pavement, snow, and ice. A good way to check is to grab a US penny. If you place the penny in the tread of your tire and you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s you need to get a new set of tires for the snow. You can also purchase tire chains to help give you a better grip on the road.

Check Your Gas Tank

When the cold weather hits if your gas tank is somewhat empty there can be some condensation in your gas tank. That condensation can freeze when the temperature drops, which can cause problems with your engine.

Keep Moving

When driving in the snow the worst thing you can do is stop on an incline. Once you stop, it will be very difficult to get your momentum going again. When you see other cars slowing down and drifting or stopping, do your best to avoid them and get out of the way.

Slow & Steady

It’s not a race, but if it was, slow & steady would always win. When you are driving in the snow or wintry conditions, keeping a steady pace like we mentioned about keep moving is important. When you are going slower than the speed limit you have the ability to react better when you see situations unfolding in front of you. Remember speed limits are created for the road you are traveling on only when the conditions are clear, weather-free, and optimal.

Using Old Floor Mats

using snow chains when driving in snowWhen you are driving in the snow you may come across a moment when you do get stuck on the road. It’s important to have the right things to help you get out of harms way. One thing I always keep in my car during the winter months is older floor mats in my trunk. If I ever get stuck in the snow, I place them underneath my back tires to give them traction to try to get out of the stuck position.

Chains for Tires

If you live in a region that is frequented with a lot of snow every winter it could be a good idea to get chains for your tires that can give you more traction while driving. They are related cost effective and can help you from getting stuck.

If you have other snow driving safety tips, be sure to share them below or email us.

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