Getting Cold? Save These Metals To Scrap Indoors To Keep Earning All Winter

Winter is here, and for the seasoned scrappers among us, it’s time to switch gears and adapt our strategies to the season’s slower pace. As a scrapper, the winter months can bring unique opportunities for maximizing profits and tackling projects requiring more time and attention.

In this list, we’ll explore the types of scrap you should set aside for your winter endeavors and why these items are particularly well-suited for the chilly season.

Electronic Scrap: Get Comfy and Start Sorting

Winter is the perfect time to dive into the intricate world of electronic scrap. Phones, motherboards, and other gadgets can yield a bunch of precious metals, but separating them can be a real pain.

By saving your electronic scrap for the winter, you can take your time meticulously sorting and cleaning components, ensuring you get the most value from these items.

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The good thing is that most e-scrap can usually be sorted and separated with simple hand tools, saving you from having to lug anything heavy around your shop or garage.

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Scrap Cars: Ruined by the Winter Weather

As the temperature drops and road conditions become more precarious, the likelihood of accidents increases. This unfortunate reality translates to more accessible scrap cars for those in the know. The harsh winter elements and road salt can accelerate vehicle wear and tear, making winter an ideal time to salvage scrap cars and boost your income over this slow period.

Pro Tip: Check Facebook & Craigslist for people looking to scrap cars. Make an offer to buy them, ensure you have all the proper paperwork, and earn more. Don’t forget to scrap the catalytic converter with RRCats.

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Insulated Wire Stripping: Save Your Scrap

We’d recommend holding onto some of your insulated wire, especially if you’re holding out for better prices. This way, you can make stripping it all a winter project. Stripping wires in the comfort of your home or garage shields you from the elements and ensures you fetch the best price at the scrap yard.

Save your wire throughout the year to help you earn more during the holiday season in the winter. It’s not a lie that scrap slows down during the winter, so saving wires during the year, like THHN or Romex® gives you a chance to earn more during the colder months.

We’ve seen many scrappers in our Facebook Group doing this, and in some cases, they’ll often give their kids a few chores to help speed up the process. We’ll leave that part up to you.

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Take Apart Air Conditioners Indoors

As the summer weather fades away, many scrappers have noticed that the fall going into winter seems to be a popular time for dysfunctional Air Conditioners to keel over. Jump on this opportunity to snag up the ones you see in your neighborhood. We have tons of resources on how to scrap an air conditioner below:

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ALWAYS ensure you are storing or recycling the Freon from these units and disposing of them through the appropriate channels. Not doing so can result in a hefty fine from the EPA and is generally known to be hazardous to the environment.

Stay Warm & Keep Scrapping

Winter scrapping comes with unique challenges, but with the proper precautions, you can stay safe and warm while pursuing your trade. Dress in layers, watch weather forecasts, and be mindful of slippery conditions. Many scrappers explore alternative sources of income due to the effect that winter has on the scrap industry. Snowplowing has emerged as a popular side hustle for many of our users.

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The winter months may slow the pace of the scrap metal industry, but for savvy scrappers, You can always make it work. By strategically saving certain items for winter processing, you enhance your profits and make the most of your time during the colder season. Stay warm and safe out there this winter.

Scrap Ya Later!