Best Places Where To Find Scrap Prices

Importance of scrap price trackingHow to figure out when to sell scrap is tough? Do you do it when the prices jump real fast? Do you wait and then shop around? Knowing what the market is doing is half of the battle and talking to your local scrap yards will make it so you can figure out when the prices are good, when to sell, when you should hold onto the material, and how to know what to do.

When you are searching for the best scrap prices to sell your metals, it can be an overwhelming task looking for local prices online. The iScrap App website allows our users to report scrap prices and get the most from their experience when searching for yards on our website. With the local scrap prices posted online, it helps scrappers get a better idea of what the prices in their area are doing. Be sure to report your scrap prices when you go to your local yard.

When’s The Best Time To Sell Scrap?

And Why It’s Important To Find Scrap Prices…

One of the best things to do is to check online for prices whether it is through your local scrap yards website or through the prices that other scrappers in your area are posting online through the Report Your Price feature on the iScrap App’s website.

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Yes, Prices Can Change THAT Quickly

When you are shopping around for the best scrap prices in your region, it’s important to stay updated on the current prices that yards are offering. In the morning, some prices could be up a few cents, but could quickly fall in the afternoon, or just the opposite. Like stock brokers, many scrap yard owners and managers are constantly watching the futurecasts for scrap metal prices and commodities. It’s important to stay updated with them and their current prices so you can make a quick decision to sell off some scrap.

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Prices are a tough thing to guess…and even tougher to stomach if you don’t know what is going on before you get to the scrap yard. Especially now with the steel prices at historic lows and copper prices fluctuating a lot recently, it’s important to stay updated with the current market conditions.
Knowing is half of the battle and you always want to know.

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