Best Day of the Week to Scrap

best day to scrap

Many scrappers are constantly looking for scrap while on the go. We wanted to explore the different days of the week and what days could be better to scrap on. These are not only based on when we think you should go to the scrap yard, but also based on days you should be looking for scrap and taking it apart.

Best Day To Scrap: True Scrappers are 24/7, not Monday-Friday.

Best Day to Curb/Garbage Pick:

Mondays seem to be the most common garbage days for most communities and therefore would be a good time to load the truck up early in the morning or late Sunday night and take a ride around your town. After a long weekend of cleaning out the garage or having people over you can find a good amount of scrap. Items to keep a look out for: broken AC units, chairs, tables, TV’s, Aluminum Cans, etc.

Best Day to Separate/Take Apart:

Sundays are usually the best days for everyone to take time and separate their scrap. Most scrap yards are closed for the day and there isn’t much going on to out and find scrap. Use these days to separate your materials properly and take apart parts too. Once you have it separated load up the truck!

Best Day to Buy Scrap From Others:

Saturdays are the most popular days for garage sales. While some scrappers may not want to buy scrap at garage sales, you can bargain and pay a couple bucks to get an old AC unit or TV that you would be able to take apart for scrap. Check your local newspaper for garage and yard sales in your area.

Best Day to Cash In:

Any day is a good day to cash in your scrap. While some may have scheduled days to go in, we say if you are busy and have a lot of scrap, drop it off on your way to the next job. You will have some extra gas money. Don’t forget to use the iScrap App to find a scrap yard near you and report your scrap prices for the area.

If you have your own suggestions of the best days to scrap or practices during the week, shoot us an email. Until next time, happy scrapping!

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