Best Cold Weather Work Gloves for Scrappers and Contractors

When the cold weather sets in, having the best cold-weather work gloves can mean the difference between a productive day on the job and a struggle against the elements. Suitable for everyone from scrappers to contractors, a quality pair of winter gloves ensures safety and comfort. Let’s dive into our top picks for industrial winter gloves and find the fit for your cold-weather work needs.

Carhartt Men’s W.P Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's WP Waterproof Insulated Glove, Brown/Black, XX-Large
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03/13/2024 12:56 pm GMT

A favorite amongst many blue-collar workers, Carhartt delivers with this highly insulated, waterproof glove.

Materials and Technologies Used: These gloves feature a poly tex shell and a FastDry lining that wicks away sweat, while the durable polyurethane palm withstands heavy use.


  1. Durable and waterproof, making them perfect for wet winter weather.
  2. The sweat-wicking interior helps keep your hands dry and comfortable.
  3. High dexterity for handling tools and scrap materials.


  1. May run small in sizing for some.
  2. Not the warmest choice for extremely low temperatures.
  3. The insulation may compromise tactile sensitivity.

Specific Job Suitability Perfect for scrappers and contractors needing a high dexterity cold weather glove. These are also suitable for cold weather yard work.

Care and Maintenance Tips Wipe clean with a damp cloth and avoid machine washing to preserve the waterproofing.

Brand Reputation Carhartt has a reputation for durable workwear that lasts, and these gloves are no exception.

Warranty Information Limited warranty for manufacturing defects.

Safety Features The polyurethane palm provides solid grip and abrasion resistance, ensuring safety when handling various materials.

User or Tester Insights Users note that these gloves perform well for general winter tasks but might not be warm enough for extreme cold.

Warmth Rating Adequate for moderate winter conditions.

Specific Features Reinforced palm and FastDry lining that wicks away sweat.

Superior Winter Work Gloves – Fleece-Lined with Black Tight Grip Palms

Offering a combination of warmth, durability, and exceptional grip, the Superior Winter Work Gloves stand out amongst the competition.

Materials and Technologies Used These gloves come with a two-layer design: an outer layer of 15-gauge nylon and a soft fleece liner for warmth. The palms are coated with micro-foam latex to improve grip and durability.


  1. Superior grip, thanks to the latex-coated palms.
  2. Fleece lining provides excellent warmth and comfort.
  3. Good dexterity for a winter glove, facilitating easy handling of tools and materials.


  1. Not fully waterproof, limiting its effectiveness in wet conditions.
  2. Some users reported issues with durability.
  3. The sizing runs larger than usual, which may require buying a size down.

Specific Job Suitability Ideal for contractors who need a strong grip for tool handling in cold weather, and scrappers who need to sort through materials without losing tactile sensitivity.

Care and Maintenance Tips Machine washable, but it’s better to hand wash and air dry to ensure longevity.

Brand Reputation Superior Glove is known for its wide range of industrial gloves, often praised for its innovative designs.

Warranty Information The manufacturer offers a limited warranty against defects.

Safety Features These gloves come with ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance, making them a reliable option for heavy-duty work.

User or Tester Insights Users praise the excellent grip and warmth, but some users have reported durability issues after extended use.

Warmth Rating Good warmth for moderate to cold winter conditions but not enough for extreme cold.

Specific Features The gloves offer puncture resistance, and the latex palm coating maintains flexibility even in cold temperatures.

Youngstown Glove Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove

Youngstown’s Winter Plus Performance Glove is a versatile workhorse, offering exceptional protection and comfort.

Materials and Technologies Used These gloves feature a triple-layer technology with an outer shell for durability, a waterproof middle layer, and a warm inner layer of microfleece.


  1. Waterproof and windproof, perfect for wet and windy conditions.
  2. They provide outstanding warmth with their fleece lining.
  3. Durable outer layer ensures longevity even with heavy use.


  1. Some users reported the gloves to be slightly bulky.
  2. They may run smaller in sizing for some people.
  3. Some loss of dexterity due to the insulation and waterproof layer.

Specific Job Suitability These gloves are great for scrap metal recycling, construction, and any other heavy-duty work in harsh winter conditions.

Care and Maintenance Tips Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry to preserve waterproofing and insulation.

Brand Reputation Youngstown is a respected brand for delivering high-quality, long-lasting gloves.

Warranty Information Youngstown offers a one-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

Safety Features The gloves are equipped with a non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb for excellent grip and durability.

User or Tester Insights Users have praised the warmth, waterproofing, and durability, although some reported diminished dexterity.

Warmth Rating Excellent warmth for even the coldest winter conditions.

Specific Features A supportive cuff with a built-in closure strap provided a secure fit and added protection against the elements.

Next, we will look at an option from Ergodyne that’s built to provide maximum hand protection for the harshest winter tasks.

Ergodyne ProFlex Waterproof Work Gloves, Thermal Insulated

Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Work Gloves, Thermal Insulated, Touchscreen, Reinforced Palms Black X-Large
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03/13/2024 01:15 pm GMT

Ergodyne’s ProFlex gloves offer thermal protection and waterproof capabilities, making them a reliable choice for those working in harsh cold conditions.

Materials and Technologies Used These gloves are made with a dual-zone insulated design featuring 3M Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof, breathable membrane insert to keep your hands warm and dry.


  1. Waterproof and windproof, providing excellent protection in wet and windy weather.
  2. Dual-zone insulation for superior warmth.
  3. The gloves offer a snug fit, enhancing dexterity.


  1. The gloves are somewhat bulky, which can limit precision handling.
  2. Some users reported durability issues over extended use.
  3. Not ideal for extremely cold environments.

Specific Job Suitability Perfect for contractors and scrappers who require a balance of warmth, water resistance, and dexterity for tool handling.

Care and Maintenance Tips Hand washing is recommended to maintain the integrity of the insulation and waterproof membrane.

Brand Reputation Ergodyne is a recognized name in the work gear industry, with a reputation for creating high-quality products.

Warranty Information Ergodyne offers a warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Safety Features These gloves feature a non-slip palm grip for securely handling tools, even in cold and damp conditions.

User or Tester Insights Users appreciate the glove’s thermal and waterproof features. However, some have noted they’re not ideal for extremely cold conditions.

Warmth Rating These gloves offer good warmth for moderate to cold conditions, but might not be adequate for extreme cold.

Specific Features The gloves include a built-in soft thumb for nose-wiping and touchscreen-capable fingers for handling electronic devices without removing the gloves.

Next, we’ll explore our final pair, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, known for their flexibility and durability.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 130L Subcontractor Flex Grip Work Gloves, Large
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03/13/2024 01:21 pm GMT

CLC’s Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves are recognized for their flexibility, warmth, and toughness, making them a worthy companion for the cold-weather worker.

Materials and Technologies Used These gloves use a synthetic leather construction which provides toughness while maintaining flexibility. The insulation is sufficient for cold but not freezing conditions.


  1. Synthetic leather construction ensures durability and flexibility.
  2. The gloves offer an excellent fit, enhancing dexterity for precise tasks.
  3. The gloves are machine washable without shrinking or hardening.


  1. Not fully waterproof, making them less suitable for wet conditions.
  2. Insulation might not be sufficient for extremely cold temperatures.
  3. The sizing can run large, so consider ordering a size down.

Specific Job Suitability These gloves are ideal for contractors who require a durable and flexible glove that can handle a variety of tasks in cold weather.

Care and Maintenance Tips Machine wash and air dry to maintain the glove’s flexibility and longevity.

Brand Reputation CLC Custom Leathercraft is well-known for its quality work gear at reasonable prices.

Warranty Information The company offers a limited warranty for any defects in materials and workmanship.

Safety Features The gloves feature a padded knuckle to provide protection against scrapes and bumps.

User or Tester Insights Users value the glove’s flexibility and fit. Some users, however, have noted the gloves aren’t fully insulated for extremely cold temperatures.

Warmth Rating Good warmth for mild to moderate winter conditions, but might fall short in extreme cold.

Specific Features One of the gloves’ standout features is their “flex grip” design which allows for excellent dexterity, making them perfect for handling smaller objects.

Choosing the best cold weather work gloves can be a game-changer for your workday productivity. Whether you’re dealing with scrap metal recycling in the freezing temperatures or handling outdoor contractor tasks, a high-quality pair of gloves is indispensable.

Remember to consider specific job suitability when choosing your gloves. Look out for user reviews and personal testing insights to get a practical perspective. Lastly, proper care and maintenance will maximize the lifespan of your gloves. Your hands are your most vital tools—keep them warm, dry, and protected.

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