The Best Apps for Scrapping

best apps for scrapping

The smartphone has revolutionized everything in the world of retail, technology, finance, and products. While we always are able to give you good products to protect your phone, it’s also important to have the right apps on your phone. Whether you have your own junk pick-up service, or you just casually hunt for scrap metal on the weekends, some apps can make life a lot easier for you and even save you some money when on the road.

What Is The Best Scrap Metal App?

Gas Buddy

  • gas buddy appGas Buddy has completely changed the gasoline industry in the US, with millions of users constantly updating the prices and fuel grades on the app and website. Throughout the country, users can access almost every gas station in their immediate area and will most likely see an updated gas price within the last 24 hours. For more populated areas, they are updated every hour or even every few minutes. Be sure to download this free app so you can grab the best price at the pump while you are hunting for your next scrap load.

iScrap App

  • Completely changing the scrap metal industry, the iScrap App is a great app to help you find the closest scrap yard. It also lets you view the best prices in your area and get the contact information you need to ask about specific item pricing. You can access the iScrap App with an iPhone, Android, or any mobile device connected to the internet. You can also use the iScrap App desktop version with all the same features. Some new features will be developed shortly, allowing users to get more daily information.

Google Maps

  • Google-MapsIf you’re heading to new places to pick up the latest scrap load, knowing the best route and how to get there efficiently is essential. That’s precisely what the Google Maps app can offer you. Free to download to all devices, Google Maps can provide multiple routes to your destination with estimated arrival times and traffic patterns. If you are trying to get to the scrap yard before the doors close, reroute as you’re driving and see what will take 2 or 3 minutes faster. Also, you can see the traffic patterns on the map and reported accidents through the Waze app. Always abide by the driving laws and be safe while driving.

Home Depot

  • Perfect if you are planning on some home improvement or need a new tool for scrapping. The Home Depot app is a great resource if you are looking to get a new sawzall or need replacement tools for your scrap ventures. You can find the right products you need and view store hours to plan your scrapping schedule around the tools you need to find. Right through the app, you can order a product and choose to have it delivered, or you can pick it up directly at the store if you’re in the area.

lowes mobile appLowes

  • The mobile app for Lowes is another great place to be able to check out what new products are on sale in your area and also some new project ideas. You can check out the products in the store you are in and figure out where they are located through the app. So if you are in a rush to grab a new hammer, you can find it easily through the app. You can also see a list of previous products that you have purchased in the past which can help you remember the name of that “thingy-ma-jiggy”.

Are We Missing One?

Did we forget an app that is perfect for scrappers on the go? If so, comment below, and we will add it to our list of the best apps for scrapping. Always abide by traffic laws and never use your phone while driving. Scrap responsibly and do not take what isn’t yours. Help us all stop scrap theft.