Backyard Decor Transformed Into A Foundry

This is really unique backyard project to help your scrapping needs and can save you some space. Check out the below video that has information and how-to instruction on how to make your own foundry in your backyard to help melt your aluminum cans. The iScrap App Team does not suggest using this as a way to scrap your cans with a scrap yard, as the ingots may not be pure and your yard may not pay pure aluminum price for it. Also if you do attempt this at home, please be aware of using all of the safety techniques and equipment to protect yourself.

In this video, you can learn how to make a multi-purpose foundry that can disguise as a plant pot so the wife doesn’t get too upset when you’re making a mess in the backyard. The Kind of Random shows you how you can create your own aluminum muffins with some basic science and simple supplies.

Be sure to wear the correct safety equipment when you have the foundry burning because the furnace is going to be around 1000 degrees to melt you Aluminum Cans instantly. You can begin to form the aluminum muffins in your steel cake or muffin pan. When you are pouring the molten aluminum into the form you can see the slag and elements of the dirt and paint will be left behind.

To filter the muffins even more to create more pure aluminum ingots, you can remelt the ingots into the foundry again and have some more slag filter out from the crucible when you go to pour the aluminum into another form. When you are doing this make sure you do not have any children or pets around because a burn from this molten metal could permanently injure or even kill someone.

If you have a mold that you want to create a cool item with, like a sword or statue, you can pour the melted ingots into the form and pull it out once it is hard enough to pull out with pliers. You can stick your new creation in cold water to harden it and have fun with your new creation. Or you can contact your local scrap yard and see if they would be willing to accept your aluminum ingots for scrap. Remember like we mentioned before the aluminum may not be 100% pure, so ask your yard ahead of time so you have a good idea of what kind of price to expect.

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