Arthur Hill: A Secret Ship Graveyard

Arthur Kill ShipIf you are looking for another adventurous place like 10 scrap graveyards we explored before, we have another eerie scene of a ship graveyard a bit closer to home in Staten Island, NY waters.

Set in the waters that border New Jersey and Staten Island, a few dozen ships and boats can be found wrecked, partially dismantled, and corroding in their final grave. Explorers of this area have trouble locating the surreal scene as it requires a challenging hike to see it.

If you are to explore the marshy areas in southwestern Staten Island to see the creepy ship graveyard, you will have to have the right boots and knowledge you can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for trespassing. Through the swampy region you will reach the site of dozens of ships and boats from the post-WWII era floating in the waters.



Named the Arthur Kill ship graveyard, the site was never meant to become what it is today. The nearby scrap yard began buying outdated vessels after WWII in hopes to salvage them for parts and valuable equipment. Because the ship yard couldn’t keep up with the increasing number of boats they were left to fend for themselves against the elements.

Now covered in graffiti, aquatic creatures, and rust the ships and boats have become a focus for artists and photographers across the globe. This scene is just dripping with scrap metal potential and can be a great place for salvaging. But for now we just appreciate the sights and scenes that these old vessels offer us. You can read more about the site and details of those that have created projects from the eerie place.

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