9/9/16 Scrap Price Update:

dsc_0022Hey iScrappers!

Hope you are doing well, staying busy, and selling lots and lots of scrap! We have seen some crazy things happening this summer and lately we have finally had a little bit of settling effect in the scrap prices.

Non-Ferrous Spotlight

Copper has been relatively quiet with the prices jumping up or down the same 1-3 cents per lb over the last 10 days. While everyone wants the prices to jump, many article and most analysts are saying that without a big economic boom that the red metal pricing will stay relatively quiet.

Here are some prices over the last week:

  • Rochester, NY: #2 Tubing, $1.58 per lb (9/9/16)
  • Williamsport, PA: Batteries, $.22 per lb (9/8/16)
  • Milton, FL: Dirty Brass, $0.80 per lb (9/8/16)
  • Abilene, TX: #2/3 Copper Mix, $1.38 per lb (9/7/16)
  • Corpus Christi, TX: Aluminum Cans, $0.40 per lb (9/8/16)
  • East Chicago, IL: Bare Bright, $1.80 per lb (9/2/16)

Ferrous Spotlight

Steel prices have remained close to where they were over the last two weeks, but it was nice to see that price increase throughout August.

  • Williamsport, PA: Light Iron, $0.03 per lb, (9/8/16)
  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron, $121 per ton (9/8/15)
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: $0.03 per lb for light iron (9/8/16)
  • Oakland, CA: Light Iron, $44 per ton (9/6/16)

With the markets relatively stable over the last week we are happy to see that many people are not only reporting prices, but also we are seeing prices that are VERY consistent.

Scrap ya later!