9/23/15 Scrap Price Update: Steel Drops & Takes Copper Too

Scrap Metal Prices for 9:23:15Hey iScrappers!!!

Hope all is well and you have been posting prices online and through our website. Don’t forget that it is free to do and free to view others prices!

Steel Prices Continue Drop Off

It has been a rough week for metals. Steel has unfortunately continued to decline with prices falling even more….news it they will be down even more soon. Stay tuned and keep posting online to follow metal trends.

Copper Follows Off The Deep End

Copper has also taken a beating the last week with prices down about $0.15 this week alone.

Most other markets have followed the same trend and we think that this may continue to happen with the massive disruption not only in the stock market but also in China as well.

Sorry to drop all bad news scrappers…..but sometimes times get tough and you need to start to watch out even closer. Any questions please let us know.

Scrap Prices As of 9/23/15

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