8/3/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Is Steady

copper prices fluctuateWith copper prices mostly unchanged we have not seen to much of a price increase or decrease over the last week. The markets right now seem to be in a very weird limbo state…copper continues to bounce up and down the same $0.04-0.10 per lb. variations, and the other markets seem to be doing much of the same.

Non-Ferrous Spotlights

Gold has been one of the few shining lights in the commodity world this year with prices rapidly approaching 00 per ounce again. With the yellow metal really starting to stabilize and be strong we have to watch for many electronic recycling prices to increase going forward.

Copper pricing has been very talked about this year with the overall range swaying $0.30…while the Comex market has largely been looked because of the swings that it has taken…many markets have done the same thing.

Here are some of the prices reported over the last week:

  • Mankato, MN: Brass Scrap, $1.59 per lb (8/3/16)
  • Rochester, NY: Sheet Aluminum, $0.44 per lb (8/2/16)
  • St. Paul, MN: Car Batteries, $0.23 per lb (8/1/16)
  • Warren, MI: Electric Motors, $0.15 per lb (8/2/16)
  • Westfield, MA: Brass Scrap, $1.13 per lb (8/2/16)
  • Lakeland, FL: Aluminum Cans, $0.41 per lb (8/2/16)
  • Cheektowaga, NY: #2 copper tubing, $1.72 per lb (8/1/16)
  • Glen Falls, NY: PC Boards, $0.12 per lb (8/1/16)
  • Doraville, GA: Bare Bright, $1.50 per lb (7/30/16)
  • Kansas City, MO: Brass Scrap, $1.11 per lb (7/29/16)
  • Tulsa, OK: #2 copper tubing, $1.72 per lb (7/28/16)

Ferrous Spotlight

Steel has remained a bleak spot in the scrap world with prices near 4 month lows. The market has really been beaten down this year and with no end in sight we have seen many of the part-time scrappers disappear because of the low prices and low return on their hard work over the last year or so. With the markets being beaten down so badly even the larger demolition contractors across the US and Canada have really been hurt because it has become so hard to bid on large jobs without being undercut by someone else in the market.

Here are some of the steel and iron prices from the last week:

  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron, $127 per ton (8/3/16)
  • Warren, MI: Cast Iron, $0.04 per lb (8/2/16)
  • Westfield, MA: Light Iron, $50 per ton (8/2/16)
  • Superior, WI: #2 HMS, $55 per ton (7/30/16)
  • Port Perry, Ontario: Shreddable Steel, $145 per ton (7/29/16)

Hopefully you have seen some nice upticks at your scrap yards over the last week…and if you have make sure that you post your prices online so we can enter you to win our monthly contest.

Scrap ya later!

National Scrap Prices (As of 8/3/16):

  • Bare Bright Copper: $1.72-$1.88
  • Copper Pipe: $1.52-$1.77
  • Clean Brass: $0.85-$1.15
  • Insulated Copper: $0.45-$1.18
  • Aluminum Sheet: $0.24-$0.34
  • Stainless Steel: $0.21-$0.27
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.22-$0.32 (Not CRV Pricing)
  • Light Iron: $55-$85 per ton