8/30/17 Scrap Price Report: 3-Year Highs AGAIN

Good Day Scrappers!

First and foremost we want to send out our best wishes to anyone that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey. We hope that you are staying safe, we hope that your spirits are as high as they can be, and that you continue to make American proud with your resilience.

Onto the scrap markets…scrap has continued to be on a tear with prices climbing higher then they have been and topping at 3-year highs again. We have seen these markets going up and we have been very fortunate to see the entire metals market on a rise over the last few months with growth and like we always say…stabilization.

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Non-Ferrous Market Updates

Copper continues to be on a tear with prices jumping 6 cents per lb. over the last week. We have seen this market continue to roar and many people have been taking advantage of the higher prices coinciding with this busier time of the year with so many demo projects going on as well as clean-outs and more scrap jobs all over the place.

Aluminum has jumped about 2 cents per pound, and overall seem to have a nice uphill climb along with the stainless market reacting positively as well for the first time in a few months.

One piece of bad news that we have heard from multiple people is about Insulated Copper Wire being exported. Many recyclers send their insulated wires overseas, and with China being one of the largest consumers we have seen many problems. They have stopped letting not only plastics in, but any items that may contain plastics such as computer towers, insulated copper wires, and more.

Non-Ferrous Reported Pricing:

  • Rockaway, NJ: Bare Bright, $2.71 per lb.
  • Kansas City, MO: #1 Tubing, $1.85 per lb.
  • Norman, OK: Aluminum Scrap, $0.34 per lb.
  • Marietta, GA: Aluminum Cans, $0.10 per lb.
  • Piedmont, AL: Copper Wire, $0.40 per lb.
  • Miami, FL: Bronze, $1.50 per lb.
  • Titusville, FL: Bare Bright, $2.35 per lb.
  • Battle Creek, MI: Stainless Steel, $0.36 per lb.
  • Mulberry, FL: Bronze, $1.60 per lb.
  • Park Hills, MO: Brass, $1.10 per lb.
  • Alpharetta, GA: 17-4 Solids, $0.08 per lb.
  • Sumiton, AL: #2 Tubing, $2.00 per lb.

Ferrous Market Updates

Steel prices have continued to follow many of the non-ferrous markets with pricing climbing about $7 per ton again week over week. The overseas demand has continued to strengthen both in China and in the Middle East region for steel to be imported. Even domestically it seems that many of the mills are at or near peak capacity for their iron intakes.

Ferrous Reported Pricing:

  • Rockaway, NJ: Light Iron, $125 per ton
  • San Jose, CA: Shreddable Steel, $110 per ton
  • Piedmont, AL: Light Iron, $120 per ton
  • Battle Creek, MI: #1 Prepared, $155 per ton
  • Belleville, IL: Shreddable, $70 per ton.
  • Frederick, MD: Light Iron, $110 per ton

Other Market Updates

With copper and steel being the headliners, don’t forget about the gold prices as well climbing and hitting $1330 on Tuesday. With these markets going up up up, and then add in the tension that we are seeing in North Korea, that has led to gold prices accelerating.

Until next week, share all thoughts, questions and more scrap related knowledge our way!

Scrappppp ya later!


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