7/5/17 Scrap Price Update: Steel & Copper Prices On The Rise

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Non-Ferrous Prices – Copper Prices Increase

Copper prices have really taken a nice bounce over the last week with the market seeing prices increasing anywhere from $0.05-0.10 on many items. We saw the prices that were being reported online really jumping up and that is such a positive thing to see happening. With the copper market really popping we saw a lot of people reporting their prices online and we saw the national averages really ticking up.

While the market had a slight pullback, we saw that the prices of gas were at 12 year lows going into the 4th of July weekend, which makes for some easier scrapping knowing that the markets are not going crazy.

Here Are Some Non-Ferrous Reported Prices (6/30/17-7/5/17):

Ferrous Scrap Prices – Steel Prices Go Up

Steel prices have really popped and we have seen the overall market jump up about $10 per ton on average over the last two weeks. We area excited to see this increase because it means that the negative news we heard about ferrous prices going down may be turning around quickly.

Here Are Some Ferrous Reported Prices (6/30/17-7/5/17):

In the other markets we have see stainless steel really getting hammered the last few months with prices going down about $0.10-0.15 per lb on average. Hopefully that will take a turnabout, but nonetheless it is tough to watch it happen.

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