7/20/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Prices Dropping

Good Day iScrappers!

We hope that you are enjoying the summer weather while finding broken air conditioners, old grills, and other scraps laying around. We have seen a large increase in the number of people posting the scrap prices that they have been receiving throughout the last week and we are happy to see that so many of the copper prices stayed high and maintained their levels….so let’s dive into this weeks “What’s Up.”

Scrap Iron prices Per Ton Since May 2016

Non-Ferrous Spotlight

Copper prices have maintained the nice growth that we saw over the last week and we are happy to report that price averages are up throughout the US and Canada. We even saw some bare bright prices listed at $2.10 per lb!!!!!! Hopefully you have been following what we have been posting and you know that this may be a great time to sell some of what you are holding or working for.

The aluminum market had a uptick as well with many of the market indexes saying that some of the aluminum supplies have fallen and the uptick in copper prices also helped that increase.

Here are some prices reported over the last week:

  • White Pine, TNAluminum Rims, $0.40 per lb (7/20/16)
  • North Little Rock: #1 copper tubing, AK, $1.40 per lb (7/19/16)
  • Green Bay, WI: Wire Scrap, $0.64 per lb (7/19/16)
  • Rochesters, NY: Electric Motors, $0.16 per lb (7/19/16)
  • Brook Park OH: Aluminum Cans, Brook Park OH: Aluminum Cans, Brook Park OH: Aluminum Cans, $0.34 per lb.34 per lb.34 per lb (7/18/16)
  • Cape Charles, VA: Aluminum Cans, $0.35 per lb (7/17/16)
  • Dowagiac, MI: #1 copper tubing, .52 per lb (7/15/16)
  • Rockaway, NJBare Bright Copper, $2.10 per lb (7/14/16)

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Steel/Iron Ferrous Spotlight

Unfortunately we have not seen much good news in the steel markets as of late. The prices have continued to weaken with most grades of steel down $10-15 per ton over last week. The nice rally that we saw a few months ago is no longer here and we might see these steel prices stay this way for a long time. We have talked and heard from many scrappers who said that they will strip the good stuff out of fridges, air conditioners, and other items, but will leave the steel carcasses behind because it is not worth their time.

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That being said, here are some of the price updates that we have seen scrappers reporting over the last week:

  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron7 per ton (7/19/16)
  • Albuquerque, NM: #1 Prepared Steel, $0.05 per lb (7/19/16)
  • Columbus, NE: Water Heaters, $1.15 each (7/18/16)
  • Woodland, CA: #1 Steel per ton (7/17/16)
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba: Scrap Iron0 per ton (7/16/16)
  • Fayetteville, NC: P & S Steel, $0.04 per lb (7/15/16)

That’s it for now iScrappers, let us know what other metals you want to be reported on and until next week…scrap ya later!


National Scrap Metal Price Averages (As of 7/20/16):

  • Bare Bright Copper: $1.72-$1.88
  • Copper Pipe: $1.52-$1.77
  • Clean Brass: $0.85-$1.15
  • Insulated Copper: $0.45-$1.18
  • Aluminum Sheet: $0.24-$0.34
  • Stainless Steel: $0.21-$0.27
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.22-$0.32 (Not CRV Pricing)
  • Light Iron: $55-$85 per ton

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