7/12/17 Scrap Price Report: Steel Is Still Climbing

Good Day iScrappers!

We hope that many of you are braving the heat and staying hydrated whether you are working outside or scrapping outside, we know that it gets hot. With this hot weather you really have to watch out for a lot of different types of scrap metals.

Once thing you should really look out for is air conditioning units. These will be in abundance all over the place because of the hot weather across the nation, but there is a lot that you need to know about them. Click here to get more information on taking apart and scrapping AC Units.

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Non-Ferrous Scrap Update

Copper prices have steadied and even risen a little bit since we spoke last week. We have seen all prices across the US and Canada rise and that is a great thing. That means that the scrap yards are not only confident in the market, but that they have been able to increase their prices as well. Copper has been stead, oil has taken a bit of an uptick, and we have seen the stock market still be strong overall.

Some Reported Non- Ferrous Prices From 7/5-7/11

Ferrous Scrap Update

For no reason known to us or other scrap yards that we have talked to…steel prices are UP! We have seen the prices rise about $10 per ton over the last week which is excellent news, but we will keep you posted with more news soon.

Some Reported Steel Prices From 7/5-7/11

  • Flowood, MS: Scrap Iron, $3 per hundred
  • Tallassee, AL: Steel, $90 per ton
  • Blytheville, AR: Steel, $110 per ton.
  • Montgomery, AL: Light Iron ,$40 per ton
  • Jasper, AL: Steel, $100 per ton
  • Rochester, NY: $146 per ton Light Iron

Other then the above market prices we have seen the overall markets really be very positive. Stock market up, gas prices down, and scrap has continued to be strong.

Please let us know any other scrap related questions that you may have and we will make sure to get back to you ASAP.

Until next time…scrap ya later!


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