7 Places to Find Scrap in the Spring

Spring is here, meaning there are many more opportunities to find scrap around your community. There are few places to find scrap in the springtime if you keep an eye out, so you can contribute to the community clean-ups and your pocket.

Find Scrap In These Places During The Spring

Garage Sales – Bargain For Scrap

This time of year, many households go through their belongings and look to get rid of them for a small price. Look around your neighborhood for any garage sales; you may be able to bargain your way into buying something worth more in scrap. You have to have an idea of what to look for, though. Otherwise, you could waste time and money. Look for electronics, bicycles, workout equipment, tools, and more. Also, you could always check your garage for any scrap lying around.

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finding scrap in the spring

Community Clean-Ups – Do Your Part & Clean Up Some Scrap

Spring is always a good time to dedicate some time to cleaning up your neighborhood or a busy road in town. You could find Aluminum Rims or other wrecked car parts on the side of the road while cleaning up the trash. Check with your town and see if there are any community clean-ups you could participate in, and you could be walking away with some scrap.

Bulk Garbage Day – If You Dump it, Scrappers Will Come

Many garbage collection services have the option of bulk material pick-up day, and during the spring, it is another excellent way to get scrap. Homeowners will place their bulk material on the curb the night before, and any scrapper night owl can travel around to pick-up scrap items. Look for items like grills, AC units, fridges, and more. Once these materials are placed on the curb, they are also public property and free for anyone.

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Craigslist – Working Wonders in the Scrap World

Many scrappers use Craigslist to search for people in their area who are selling scrap items or even looking to get rid of them. Use the “Spring Cleaning” mentality and take advantage of this spring’s opportunity. You may find someone you can continue working with when they want to get rid of scrap items. There are several places and ways to find scrap online that is being given away in your area.

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College Campuses – Getting Rid of the Ugly Furniture

College students often clean out their dorms and apartments this time of year of broken items or have no use for them once they move back home. Some items to look for are broken lamps, TVs, shelving units, etc. There is the potential for some higher-priced items that could also be resold instead of being scrapped.

Spring Festivals/Events – Collect from the Community

Many fairs and events are happening this spring across the country. Scrappers can use these events to collect a bulk amount of aluminum cans. Set up a bag or walk around yourself collecting the cans from those at the event. You could collect a reasonable amount for some extra cash.

Recreation Center – Scrap Old Equipment

Contact your local recreation department and ask if there is any old sports equipment that they no longer use. Things like old aluminum bats, aluminum lacrosse sticks, and more could be lingering around. You could help them out and also help yourself with some extra money.

While collecting scrap at these various locations and events, ensure that you do not take anything from private property and always ask the owners for their permission before taking anything. Also, remember safety first by wearing protective eyewear, headgear, and gloves.

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**Simple Tip: Always keep a magnet handy to check what kind of metal you have**

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