7 Hacks That Will Make Your More Money Scrapping

scrap hacks to make money scrapping

People are always looking for little shortcuts to get a few extra bucks out of their scrap metal with and we are here to help out. With so much money at risk by not knowing how to sort or separate a few different types of scrap metals you have to really be on top of your “scrap game.”

Little scrap hacks that we have found to help you make some quick and easy dollars can go a long way….let’s talk about a few.

Best Hacks for Scrap Metal Recycling

Key Test – Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum

Don’t have a file handy? Well, use the key from your car or house keys to scratch to figure out if you have aluminum or stainless. Aluminum will scratch very easily and stainless will take much more effort to really scratch. While this may not always work for your aluminums…the stainless will be very easy to tell.

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Carbide – Magnet Slight Attraction:

Maybe you are cleaning out a machine shop or work in a metal industry that uses carbide…but you stick your magnet to it and it attracts. Well, an attraction vs. a solid connection are very different and that is where you can get a good idea whether or not it is Carbide. Watch our video on this.

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Gas Saving tipsMagnetic Broom – Screws

Work outside a lot? Maybe invest in a $100-150 tool that you can sweep the ground with and pull out the small hunks of metal or screws that are on the ground so you don’t pop a tire and lose time and money.

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Warm Wire – In Sun, Black Box before Stripping:

One of the best tips and scrap hacks that we have been able to find. While in many parts of the country during the winter and fall months this will not work, in the nicer states along with the nicer weather during the year this is a great tool. The sun will help you strip wire much quicker then if the wire was cool…but make sure you be aware that the longer you leave it in the sun it could melt the plastic to the wire.

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Mini Transformers – Cut Them Off Copper Wires:

Cutting these off from wires and adapters are a great thing to do, you can take a hammer and slightly bash it after and you will be able to get the transformer out of there..that will be great thing to have for your scrap pile when you go to cash in at your local yard.

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Stainless Steel Sinks - scrap metal pricesChisel & Hammer Steel from Stainless Steel Sinks:

Stainless steel is one of the toughest items to scrap and to get a clean price for…here’s what you can to to ensure that you get a clean price on sinks. Get a chisel to make sure that all of the steel/rubber and other garbage is off of the sinks. If you have sink that has a rubberized bottom do not even bother putting time in to take it apart…it will always be dirty. But with a chisel and a hammer you can get the steel ring off of the sinks and that will upgrade your scrap price at least three times as much.

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Sawzall – Cut Steel Ends Off Radiators:

With so many different types of radiators out there you always want to have a sawzall on hand to take the plastic or steel ends off of it. These are easy to find from auto repair shops and you might be able to get them cheap because they are dirty and really upgrade them to make them clean.

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We hope that these scrap hacks really help you out! Email us your own scrap hacks to [email protected].



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