6 Ways To Market Your Scrap Services


Whether you are scrapping full-time or you are doing it as a part-time job to make some extra money, it’s important to market your services. the iScrap App Team has put together some of the best marketing strategies for your scrap pick up services. Below you will see some of our tips and advice to make the most of your services and how to continue to have a flow of calls and jobs available for you to pick up more scrap metal.

Get More Exposure & Start Scrapping More

Some scrapping service companies are registered businesses but for those who aren’t it is good to keep in mind, you have to think like one. Here are some good things to keep in mind while conducting yourself while scrapping:

  • Don’t break ANY laws. Be sure to have complete permission to enter anyone’s property before going onto it for scrap.
  • Get in contact. When calling potential customers with scrap, be sure to announce who you are on the phone. Give your information on the phone and also ask for their contact information as well, in case something happens.
  • Be clean while earning green. If for some reason you have to enter someone’s house to take out scrap be sure to have clean shoes or be willing to take them off while walking through.
  • Show your safety off. While scrapping through your community, be sure to show you are responsible by using the proper safety equipment (gloves, glasses, back brace, hard hat, steel-toed boots, etc.)
  • Use the 3 P’s – Patient, Polite & Prompt
    • Patient: Be sure to be patient with people you are in contact with, while you may have many other jobs lined up for the day, listening to what your customer needs is important.
    • Polite: Being polite can go a LONG way, so be sure to use phrases like, “Sir”, “Ma’am”, “Thank you”, etc.
    • Prompt: If you tell someone you are going to be at their house or place of business at a certain time, mean it. Nothing say irresponsibility more than being late or not showing up. If something comes up and you cannot be there on time, give them a call.
Now that you have your business minded attitude ready to tackle the scrap world, start spreading the word of your services and get new leads. Below are some ways you can advertise your services easily and in some places for free.

6 Best Ways To Get More Scrapping Jobs

Craigslist (FREE)

We know you are probably have heard us discuss using Craigslist before to find scrap, but why not also post the offer that you can pick it up. Remember there are new posts everyday on Craigslist, so be sure to post your services a few times a week.

Newspaper (FREE)

Contact your local newspapers to see if you can enter a free classified listing with your services. Some people don’t always have scrap they want to get rid of, so the classifieds would be a perfect place for them to look for an odd job service.

Social Media (FREE)

Create a Facebook Page and/or Twitter Account to connect with locals and community leaders to have a place for your customers to go to and get your information. It is free to sign up for social media sites and they are a great place to show off your clean-out skills with photos.

Flyers/Business Cards

Once you have established your scrapping services and are beginning to make some good money, it may be a good idea to look into getting flyers and/or business cards you can hang up and hand out. It may cost some money to initially print them, but some sites like VistaPrint offer free business cards and discounted products for small businesses.

scrap metal truck logo

Label Your Truck

While scrapping you want people to know who you are in case they are interested in your services. It would be a good idea to buy a few magnetic signs for your scrapping vehicle with your service name, contact phone number, and location. If you become a bigger company, be sure to get the right insurance to cover your scrapping efforts.

Word of Mouth

Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone you know, that you provide scrap services. You may never know when someone is looking to clean out their basement or garage of stuff. Be sure to always have business cards on hand that you can hand out to people when things come up in conversation too.

Once you have your scrapping services ready and marketed, continue to use the iScrap App to find scrap yards while you are on the go and get updated prices.

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