6 Ways To Cut Expenses When Scrap Prices Are Down

cut expenses with low scrap pricesThe iScrap App Team understands the frustrations of low scrap prices and the waiting game for the markets to return to decent levels. We have heard stories of scrap yards closing due to the low prices and not being able to cover costs for operation. Also there are several scrappers that have stated they can no longer afford to scrap because prices are so low, so they are looking for jobs elsewhere. So to help those that may be struggling with the return on investment for your scrap, we have a few tips and ways to cut expenses and save money when the scrap prices are lower.

Cut Your Cell Phone Plan

cut cell phone billWe aren’t suggesting to throwback to a flip phone, but take a look at your cell phone bill and plan. Perhaps there are some features like data limit or protection plans for your device that you may no longer need. The data plans today are becoming much more friendly for families or groups of friends. So if you don’t have a few lines in your home, you can ask a few close friends if you want to get together and join a plan together to share data and save some extra cash. Also take a look at other cell phone carriers that service your area, they may offer better service and plans that can be beneficial to switch over.

  • Cut Your Cell Phone Data Plan
  • Join A Group Plan for Discounted Rates
  • Change Carriers for Better Deals

Check Your Cable TV Plan

cut tv billMaybe when you first signed onto your TV provider’s plan they were offering a great 6-month bonus program that continued without the discount and that was 4 years ago! Check your plan, you may have been sneaked into a higher paying plan that you didn’t realize you continue to pay for and don’t use all of the features of. Perhaps you don’t really need 600 channels but only watch some of the basics that can be found on the 400 channel plan. Also check to see if your cable provider can bundle your internet and TV together, sometimes that can cut costs for your monthly bill.

  • Check Your Current Plan For Sneaky Costs
  • Cut Your Channel Lineup
  • Bundle With Your Internet Services

Save Electricity

cut electricity costsNot only is it better for the environment to save on electricity, but it is better for your wallet too. If you leave a room and no longer need the light on, shut it off. With the winter months ahead of us, the days are going to be shorter and using lights will be more common. So be sure to remind your family to also shut the lights, TV, and radio when they are no longer using them. By shutting your lights you will be surprised how much money you can save by being more conscious of it. Also perhaps you can upgrade your lightbulbs to the new energy-friendly bulbs that conserve energy and can save you some money on your energy costs.

  • Shut The Lights/Appliances When Finished
  • Remind Family To Do The Same
  • Upgrade To Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Shut That Water

cut water costsWe all know this one, shut the water when you’re brushing your teeth! If your parents were on you about that, you may now understand why if you are paying your water bill. Conserve water and you will cut some costs every month. If you are washing your dishes, fill the sink or a dish pan with the soapy warm water and clean everything together, then rinse the dishes all at once to save on water. Also if you have to water your lawn, be sure to do it in the early morning hours or in the evening. The lawn will retain the water better during that time and you won’t have to water as often.

  • Shut The Water Off When Brushing
  • Wash Your Dishes All Together
  • Water Your Lawn In The AM/PM Hours

Turn Down The Heat & Turn Up The Air

cutting heating costsWith the colder months coming to the US, the energy costs for heating your home will increase naturally, but you can do a few things to cut costs. Don’t turn your heat up to a really high temperature. You have the ability to add layers and blankets to your bed, so you can stay warm with the clothes you already have and cut your heating energy costs. The same goes for hotter months when you need to use your air conditioner. Keep the temperature at a reasonable level so you can conserve some costs. You may also want to look into getting an attic fan, if you don’t already have one. They can pull in cooler air during the night hours to keep your house cooler.

  • Don’t Turn The Heat Up So High, Use Blankets
  • Keep The Air Conditioner Warmer
  • Invest In An Attic Fan

Pack A Lunch

Pack a lunchWhen you are on the road searching for scrap or at your workplace, maybe you find that you are buying lunch everyday. Instead of buying it everyday, you can pack your own lunch a few days a week and save some money. Buying fresh groceries like lunch meat and fruit can help you cut your lunch costs. Remember you can also bring any leftovers from dinner for lunch and heat them up the next day.

  • Take A Look At Meal Plans For Work Week
  • Pack A Lunch A Few Days A Week
  • Use Leftovers From Dinner For Lunch

Once you make some of these changes to help you cut some of your expenses, you will be able to see the $$ piling up. As you continue to keep track of the scrap prices and where the market is heading, you can continue to save some more money in places you may not have been saving it before. Be sure to continue to track the prices on the iScrap App and report any scrap prices in your area to keep other scrappers in the “know””.

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