6 TV Shows Scrappers Will Love

When the scrap yards are closed and the sun drops, sometimes it’s nice to kick up our feet and relax with some fun TV shows that scrappers just love. Below we have a list of some of our favorite TV shows we watch during our pastime and can learn a thing of two from for scrapping too!

Forged in Fire – History Channel


World-class blacksmiths enter the forge to compete for the best weapon maker. Often times creating swords and knives from random metals and materials, contestants are challenged with time restrictions and weapon requirements, this show heats up with great entertainment. With various tests for the weapons when they are completed such as how sharp they are, durability, strength, and lethality. Also there are occasional bullet tests shooting at the blade directly.

Scrapper’s Takeaway: Amazing to see how some metals and materials that may be thrown in your scrap pile can be morphed and created into a whole new material. The forging process is really revealing on how some of the metals are stronger than others and their characteristics.

Lost In Transmission – History Channel


With Top Gear co-host Rutledge Wood and his friend George Flanigen, these car fanatics search for their next mission of restoring some of America’s greatest rides from garages and forgotten backyards. Exploring the American car culture, these two friends are on a journey for under-appreciated vehicles, fix them up, and get them rolling again to help pay homage to their great style and place in automotive history.

Scrapper’s Takeaway: When you are looking to scrap some cars or vehicles you come across, sometimes a little extra work and money can go a long way to restore a classic, instead of tossing it in the scrap heap.

Salvage Dawgs – DIY Network


Following the adventures of Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside, co-owners of an architectural salvage company called Black Dog Salvage. They explore and bi on different buildings through the United States that are on the verge of being demolished. They look through various vintage pieces and treasures found inside and sell them to a wide variety of clients for further use. Some items they look for are older windows and doors that can be used by construction companies, interior designs, and others that will reuse them in other buildings.

Scrapper’s Takeaway: Not everything that is demolished is scrap. Sometimes you can come across some items during demolitions, like this cash register that can be resold to collectors or designers that can use them.

American Pickers – History Channel


One of the more popular picking shows on TV, American Pickers follows the explorations of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in dirty basements, cram-packed barns, and creepy attics. With the mission turning one man’s trash into another’s treasure, the pair travel across the United States in search for hidden gems and collectibles among various properties. While they resell their finds to collectors and others at their antique shop, they also teach you a thing or two about American history too.

Scrapper’s Takeaway: Everything has a story. This can make you think twice before scrapping something if it’s unique. Take the time to do some research and you never know the story you may find.

Mythbusters – Discovery Channel


Combining scientific knowledge and genuine curiousity, hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage explore legends and myths. Putting them to the test with fancy scientific measurements, instruments, and a little bit of ingenuity, the crew on Mythbusters seeks out some outrageous myths and if debunking is possible. Over the last decade or so, the team has tested over 950 myths and continues to explore different legends, like can Christmas lights really cause a fire, is possible to beat a lie detector test, or would a bull really destroy a china shop?

Scrapper’s Takeaway: Along with our own myths about scrapping, scrappers can learn a thing or two about how you can put some of your tools to the test. By exploring different ways to take scrap items apart, you could make more money.

Pawn Stars – History Channel


The pawn business was originally intended to help people make money by selling items that have not only tangible value but also historical value. It’s up to the family team of grandfather Richard, son Rick, and grandson Corey to make the educated decision and place a value on these items that come through the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop outside Las Vegas. Still assisting in help their customers make some money, this pawn shop team is very colorful and entertaining with their constant adventures.

Scrapper’s Takeaway: Just like make money scrapping and putting it aside, you can take some interesting items you may have laying around your house and bring them to a local pawn shop to get some extra cash from it.

These TV shows are perfect examples of different ways to look at scrap metal recycling. Sometimes you may come across items when scrapping which have a larger value for the right person, rather than the scrap pile down the road. If it looks interesting, there’s probably something interesting about it, which means it could be worth something greater to the right person. Keep your eyes peeled.

What are some shows you like to watch?

**BONUS** iScrapper Darkside Johnny suggested us checking out the show Lords of the Car Hoards and we’re not disappointed. This is another great car show displaying some of these treasures that can be found.

iScrapper Nicholas suggested watching How It’s Made because they often reveal what kinda of metals are used to build certain products and appliances.


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