6 Mistakes To Avoid When At The Scrap Yard

avoid-mistakesWhen you are ready to head to the scrap yard, avoiding common mistakes can make you more money. Scrapping can get complicated especially when you have a lot of different materials. While we always suggest getting organized and preparing your materials is the best option, there are still other mistakes you want to avoid when you are at the scrap yard.

1. Not Separating Correctly

When you are preparing your materials, we always suggest separating EVERYTHING. But before you make small piles of all the different materials, check with your scrap yard. Some scrap yards may purchase some items at the same price and dump them all together so you may not have to separate. For example, if you have Low Grade Boards from TV’s, VCR’s, and other electronics you could mix them with low grade boards from your computers too. This all depending on how you scrap yard separates and sorts their materials to be shipped or processed. The best option would be to give them a call and ask them what the best way to sort would be and avoid that mistake. Always ask them questions on sorting.

2. Not Knowing Materials’ Names

Sometimes scrappers may call a type of metal one thing and their scrap yard could call it something else. This is similar to the last point, getting to know how you scrap yard operates and how they classify their materials can help you in the long run. For example, you may call copper wire, #1 wire but your scrap yard may call it bare bright copper wire. So when you arrive at their facility there may be some confusion when sorting and weighing up various materials. Be sure to learn how your scrap yard classifies materials so it can make your trip to the yard easier.

3. Not Checking Prices or Hours

When you are preparing your scrap for the yard the most important information to stay updated on is the current scrap prices. Prices are often changing due to a number of factors, so it is a good idea to call your scrap yard ahead or find their prices on the iScrap App. If you don’t go to the scrap yard every week or it has been a while since your last trip, prices have most likely changed up or down. If you don’t check the prices before heading to the yard, you may in for a rude awakening or hopefully a pleasant surprise. It is also important to check your yard’s hours of operation before you head in. They may be closed for some holidays, inventory, weather-related problems, or other reasons.


4. Not Packing Materials Correctly

This point goes along with our point earlier about knowing how your scrap yard likes the materials prepared. Once you have that information and how they classify materials, you should pack your vehicle to make your unloading process easier and simple. Stacking, securing, and separating your materials for the easiest way to unload will help you get in and out of the scrap yard quicker.

5. Not Knowing The Laws

Scrap Metal Laws in USWhen you go to a scrap yard there are several rules and regulations imposed by the federal and state governments. It is important to know these laws before you head into your scrap yard to help you make you trip go smoothly. Most states will require a state issued ID to be presented and often copied when you are selling scrap metal. So be sure to have that with you and check on your own state’s laws. This is also a good telling point to see what scrap yards in your area are doing honest business based on their compliance with the laws in place.

6. Not Using A Magnet

We always have to come back to the fact that the magnet can help you with every part of scrapping. Using your magnet can help you separate your materials and better identify the different types of materials you have. We often suggest to scrappers to have a magnet on their keychain or connected to their belt, that way you always have it with you.
Be sure to avoid these mistakes when you are going to the scrap yard and make the most money on your various materials. Remember scrapping is about being educated and knowing the differences in materials and how you scrap yard prepares their own material. Work with your scrap yard to make your job easier and make some extra money.