5 Most Important Items In Your Scrap Truck

When you are on the road during the day and constantly looking for your next scrap haul, you never know what equipment or tools you may need to get the job done. Below we have listed 5 items that we think you should ALWAYS have in your scrap truck no matter how big or bigger the job is. Happy scrapping!

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Safety Equipment

Bringing your gloves, hardhat, safety glasses, back brace, first aid kit, and other safety equipment to prevent injury is always a good idea. You don’t know what kind of tight situation you may be in. We have a good amount of articles and focus on the safety equipment to have with you at all times.

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Chains & Ropes

If you are hauling large equipment you never know when you need to tether something down to your truck. Be sure to always have reliable chains or ropes to tie down your scrap metal to prevent it from moving on your trip to the scrap yard.

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Tool Box

Bringing your regular toolbox with the standard screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and other tools are always good to have on hand. Not only for taking apart your equipment but also if you have any car trouble along the way.

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Power Tools

Whether you need a sawzall to clean up some radiators or you need a power drill to take apart a desktop computer tower, be sure to have power tools on hand to get the job done. Also, make sure they are charged, you have extra batteries or a hook up to your car’s charging port.

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If you don’t have scrap, you aren’t doing it right! Be sure to always keep a look out for the latest appliance, electronic, or other scrap items for pickups. Be sure to use the iScrap App to search for your next scrap yard stop and get the best prices.

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