5 Items To Scrap This Summer

Scrap metal you can find in the summer months.

This summer, you will be able to relax and scrap easily, knowing that there are several HOT items for scrap. With the warm weather fast approaching, some guaranteed things will pop up all summer.

Beat the Heat. Scrap the Rest.

A/C Units: While these may seem obvious, A/C units will become more prevalent during the summer, especially in hot areas. People taking their windows units out of winter storage may find that they are not working anymore or need to update them for better energy proficiency. So be sure to keep an eye out on those curbs for A/C units for scrap. It always pays to take them apart, regardless.

Poolside Equipment: Along with the warm weather comes pool openings. While homeowners are beginning to open their pools up for the sun, they may find some things not working correctly or damaged that can be scrapped. The pool motor may be shot, the pool heater could be broken, or the aluminum/stainless steel ladders could be busted from the heavy snow. All items can be turned into scrap yards for good money. If you know someone with a pool, ask them for any equipment that may be faulty. Also, above-ground pool walls are made out of aluminum.

BBQ Grills: With the hot temperature, the grills get turned up high and cold beer starts flowing. This summer, check your local neighborhoods for grills on the side of the road. While they may seem bulky, they are worth a good deal at the yard, so take the time to load the trashed ones up in the truck. The top and bottom of the grill can be stainless or aluminum, use your magnet to check, and they can equal a good deal of money at the yard. If a propane tank is attached, you have to check with your yard if they accept them; most do not unless they are cut in half.

Summer Scrapping Essentials →

Lawn Furniture: Lawn furniture is being removed from storage from the long winter and could have been damaged or rusted throughout the off-season months. With the sales happening at furniture stores, some owners may want new furniture and are getting rid of the old stuff. Many pieces of lawn furniture are made from aluminum and steel, but always use your magnet to double-check.

AL Cans: Crack open a couple of brews and enjoy the summer with family and friends. At the end of the long summer nights, remember to save the cans and collect them for the scrap yard. According to this video, making one pound takes about 33 cans. So for almost every case of adult beverage, you can make more money at the scrap yard.

BBQ grills that you can recycle

So this summer, enjoy the sun (use sunscreen) and watch for these scrap items while on the run. You should see them coming out more than usual during the warm summer. Check out our YouTube channel if you have questions or need help taking apart some of these items.

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