5 Ideas For Scrapping During The Fall

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During the summer months, scrapping seems to be a bit easier with the warm weather. As the Fall season approaches, it can be more difficult to find scrap metal lying around waiting to be recycled. Luckily the iScrap App team has some ideas and tips for finding scrap metal this Fall season.

Jump Into A Pile of Cash This Fall

With the temperatures dropping, the jobs through construction and demolition seem to die down after the summer months. So looking for scrap metal to make some extra money on can be harder. Some of the places to find scrap this Fall season can be right under your nose, it’s just a matter of looking in new places.

Scrapping Aluminum Siding & Gutters

During this time of year many people are cleaning their house and roof for leaves. Occasionally these jobs can Lead to broken gutters or siding from power washing or sweeping. Make sure to keep an eye out for these items and separate them correctly.

Also during this time of year there are a lot of tropical storms and different weather systems rolling through that can cause damage to houses and buildings. This can require a big clean up effort and recycling some of the debris. It can be a good idea to market your services in your community if this happens and offer haul-away services.

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Scrapping Electric Motors From Equipment

scrapping electric motorsYou can find many broken down parts like this from old lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, power tools and more. Some of these tools and equipment could be used during the fall clean ups. Be sure to take apart the electric motors for copper if you have a large amount of them, if not you are best to just scrap them whole.

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Scrapping Lawn Furniture

While people are cleaning up for the winter and putting away outdoor furniture they may come across some broken or unwanted aluminum chairs or tables. Keep a look out for these on the side of the road and be sure to add them to your already growing pile. There are always good pieces like umbrellas that can be too bulky for home owners to move themselves, so you can look out for them for yourself.

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Scrapping Tools & Equipment

While some people may be fixing up some things or preparing things on the house for the winter some of these tools may be scrapped. Rakes, axes, garden tools and more could be seeing the garbage. Keep a look out for tools that may be able to be reused for your own purposes of scrapping too.

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Fall Cleaning After The Summer

While everyone knows about Spring Cleaning, many people take the last bit of nice weather during the Fall to do some cleaning too. Some may be cleaning out the garage or the basement to make room for some outdoors things, make sure to check your local papers for pick-ups and garage sales. If you or someone you know are doing some clean outs be sure to set the scrap aside. Also this would be a good time to go through some of your own clothing and donate any unwanted pieces.

Fun Scrapping Of Candy!

While we encourage you to make the most from your scrap, be sure to make the most from your Fall weather too! Be sure to scrap the Aluminum Cans from football tailgating events. Also if your children or family has Halloween candy, we highly recommend scrapping that too! :)

Be sure to use the iScrap App to find your local scrap yard and find out what other things they are accepting this Fall Season. Also head over to our FREE iScrap Metal Forum and start in on the “scrapversation” and chat with fellow scrappers.

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