5 Essential Tools Every Scrapper Needs

When you are searching for scrap metal every day or working on large jobs on the go, it’s always important to have the right tools. Having the right tools can be the difference between wasting time and making a profit off materials. As you begin to scrap longer and understand what tools work best for different materials, you will have the right tools for the job. Whether you keep them in a handy bag in your truck or even have an extensive tool box in your garage, the tools you invest in will make a huge difference.

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The Best Tools for Scrap Metal Recycling

Basic Tools

  • Some basic tools are needed to have on hand at all times while trying to make the most money from scrap. While some of them may be simple, you never know what you may need while scrapping so always be sure to keep them in your toolbox.
    • Hammer – Sometimes you have to knock things out.
    • Screwdriver – Computers & other equipment have a lot of screws.
    • Crowbar – This can be handy with larger materials.
    • Wrench – This can help reach places you normally can’t grab.
    • Power Drill – Always easy to review screws quickly.
    • WD-40 – This is a great tool to have with tough spots and keeping tools protected.

Cordless Sawzall

  • Scrapping could require the use of cutting pieces of metal to get to other parts or materials. Like cutting the steel side off of a AC copper fin piece to make it a clean piece to make more money or cutting off Brass fittings from copper pipe to make it #1 copper pipe.

Wire Stripper

  • Using a wire stripper for a bulk amount of insulated copper wire or cable could be an easy and quick way to make much more money on scrap. Most insulated wires have bare bright copper inside which is one of the most common top priced items at scrap yards. Buying a wire stripper from companies like TNT Tooling or StripTec can pay themselves off after you make some extra money on your copper wire.

Hand Truck, Straps, & Buckets

  • When you have a heavy or bulky load, it is always useful to have a hand truck to move your materials around from your house, truck, scrap place, etc. Also having ratchet straps that can be tighten while tying down your load, can help you keep you scrap in one place. Also having a few buckets handy are always good for when you are taking apart smaller items from your materials.

Magnet & File

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL to have while scrapping is a magnet. Being able to identify materials as non-ferrous or ferrous (magnet will stick to ferrous) is the most basic AND important things to do while scrapping. Even keeping a simple one from your fridge with you can work. It is also helpful to have a file with you. When you have different materials you can scratch the surface and see what kind of metal is underneath.

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