4/26/17 Scrap Price Report: Copper Jumps Slightly

Hey iScrappers!

We hope that your scrapping adventures have been prosperous and you have been cashing in on these high prices that we have been seeing get reported over the US and Canada over the last week…..so let’s dive right into the markets!

Non-Ferrous Scrap Markets

Markets have been improving over the last week and we have seen copper jump about 5 cents per lb. overall. We have seen optimism creep up, and that has helped us get to the point where we have seen the overall markets rise and that has been a very positive thing.

Reported Prices From The Last Week:

  • Santa Fe, NM: Steel BX, $0.05 per lb (4/26)
  • Wheat Ridge, CO: Bare Bright, $2.05 per lb (4/26)
  • Wheat Ridge, CO: Stainless Steel, $0.24 per lb (4/26)
  • Greeley, CO: Brass, $1.32 per lb (4/25)
  • Fort Collins, CO: Siding, $0.30 per lb (4/25)
  • Englewood, CO: Bare Bright, $2.02 per lb (4/25)
  • Boise, ID: brass shells, $1.10 per lb (4/24)
  • Fairhope, AL: Bare Bright, $1.55 per lb (4/25)

Ferrous Scrap Markets

With the steel prices slipping an average of $4-5 per ton over the last week..we are happy to not see a massive change occurring. We hear that the markets may slip again over the next week, but nothing too bad or dramatic.

We read one report saying that the price should be increasing in May, but with the new Trump taxes out and a few other questions about the markets.

Reported Prices From The Last Week:

  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron, $155 per ton (4/26)
  • Pueblo, CO: Light Iron, $70 per ton (4/25)
  • Johnston, RI: #1 Steel, $120 per ton (4/24)
  • Morgan City, LA: #2 HMS, $0.03 per lb (4/26)

Other Scrap Markets

With so many things moving and in flux right now we are trying to really see what is going to be happening the next few weeks moving forward with all of the prices. Next week we want to give you more of an update so we can be more sure of some of the newer market data that is coming out and then go from there.

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