4/19/17 Scrap Price Update: Copper 3-Month Lows

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What a week it has been with overseas news, copper drops, steel decreasing and more…let’s get right into it, but don’t forget every Wednesday at 1pm EST we have our LIVE update on Facebook that you can tune into!

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Scrap Non-Ferrous Price Update

With the prices of oil being so much higher then the years in the past we have seen the overall markets for metals be affected as well…and while we seem to be repeating ourselves (maybe too often) with the oil prices and gas prices, they are very important to touch on.

Aluminum prices slipped, but we are still super impressed with how well the overall price climb (and consistency) has been. We ready and watched some analysts talking about how the aluminum supply in warehouses has dipped down, so we hope this continues to fall and there becomes a shortage…thus driving up the prices.

Copper is near a 3 month low, but overall we are very happy at the level that it is still at seeing that we are about 6 months removed from the larger initial jump we saw post election.

Reported Scrap Aluminum Prices:

  • Denton, MD: Aluminum Cans, $0.35 per lb (4/19)
  • Havre, MT: Aluminum Cans, $0.30 per lb (4/18)
  • Hutchinson, KS: aluminum siding, $0.50 per lb. (4/18)
  • Fort Smith, AR: Aluminum Cans, $0.25 per lb (4/17)

Reported Scrap Copper Prices:

  • Butte, MT: Bare Bright $1.35 per lb (4/18)
  • Helena, MT: Bare Bright, $1.05 per lb (4/18)
  • Wayne, MI: Bare Bright, $1.95 per lb (4/18)
  • Lorain, OH: #1 Tubing, $1.95 per lb (4/18)
  • Tacoma, WA: Bare Bright, $2.27 per lb (4/17)
  • E. Rutherford, NJ: #2 Tubing, $2.00 per lb (4/16)

Reported Scrap Stainless Steel Prices:

  • Missoula, MT: Stainless Steel, $0.20 per lb (4/18)

Scrap Ferrous Price Update

With the markets going down last week we saw a bit of stabilization over the last week with some areas reporting the prices even increasing slightly. We have seen the market jump about $3-6 per ton (we know…that is a smaller number, but it is an average of the last week), and a jump is a good thing in our minds.

With so many world events going on as well as many domestic ones such as the healthcare issue and multiple

Reported Prices:

  • Havre, MT: Shreddable Steel, $50 per ton (4/18)
  • Fort Myers: Sheet Iron, $0.05 per lb (4/18)
  • Toledo, OH: Light Iron, $100 per ton (4/17)
  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron , $146 per ton (4/16)

Other Markets

Gold has continued to excel for multiple reasons over the last few weeks, one of which is people being very pessimistic  about the overall economy and other commodity markets right now.

If you have any other questions on anything pricing related, material related, or general scrap related please do not hesitate to let us know, scrap ya later!

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