4 Tips for Auto Recycling

Auto recycling has become popular over the past few years because of the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ type programs.  But you can make money from auto recycling from more than trading in your ‘clunker’ for a new car.  You can take your junk car down to your local scrap yard and make an extra $150 – $350+ per car. There are a lot of ways that you can make money with auto recycling.

4 Tips for Auto Recycling:

Remove and Sell Used Parts

Strip your junk car for parts that can be sold and used in other cars.  This can make you some extra money as well as reduce the amount of materials that will go to waste. It can be a valuable asset to know how to find the price for auto parts and sell them for extra cash. You can make it another side business by selling auto parts locally or online.

Strip the Car for Scrap Metal

Stripping your car for scrap metal is another great way to make money off your junk car. Depending on the scrap yard, you can sometimes drop off your whole care to be taken apart by the scrap yard itself. However, if you want to make more money on it, take it apart and separate it. It can be beneficial to take some pieces from your car apart to sell to your scrap yard. Items like rims, catalytic converters, batteries, and aluminum engines can be worth some extra cash compared to just selling it as a whole unit.

Rebuild the Car (if it’s a Classic)

Rebuilding cars can also be a way to recycle a car if it is a classic. After you rebuild the car, you can either keep it for your own use or re-sell it for more money. If you have or found a classic car it could be worth it to rebuild it if it’s in good shape and just needs some simple TLC. Get together with some friends and find out what needs to be done to bring the classic car back to life.

Donate Your Car to a Non-Profit Organization (then Write it Off on Your Taxes)

Although this will not directly make you money, you can donate your car to a non-profit organization, and then write it off on your taxes. If your car is still in working order, look for organizations like ‘Meals on Wheels’ or other volunteer based organizations that rely on transportation for appointments. Sometimes there is just no need for you to have your car around anymore but it could still be used for transportation. This can be a great opportunity to for you to find a community organization to donate it to.

If you choose to strip your car for scrap metal, use the iScrap App to find scrap metal yards near you that will pay you for your junk car.

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