4 Tips for Fall Weather Driving

Now that the leaves are turning and the cold weather is creeping in, it’s time to start thinking about your next Fall scrap load! To make sure that you are keeping safety as your number one goal, we have added some helpful driving safety reminders for the Fall weather. Remember safety first so you, your passengers, and those around you are always safe!

Slippery Driving

  • With the leaves falling off the trees, they often times gather in piles on the sides of the roads. This can make for a hazardous situation. With morning dew and occasional morning showers, those piles of leaves could get slippery and cause problems if you are braking or accelerating on them. Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid these piles of leaves on the road.

Shorter Days & Darker Commuting Hours

  • With the Fall season edging closer to the winter season, the daylight hours of the day are becoming shorter and can cause much darker driving conditions. When you would be wearing your sunglasses in the morning during the summer season, you now are forced to turn your headlights on to see. The shorter days can cause some havoc for you and those around you so be sure to turn your headlights on to see and for others to see you.

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School’s In Session

  • The Fall season usually marks the beginning of the school year around the country and this is important to those driving on a regular basis for their scrap metal. With the school buses running their scheduled routes there will often be times when you are stuck behind one of those yellow behemoths. Be sure to check your surroundings for kids waiting at bus stops, walking home from school, or playing in the street with friends.

Morning Frost or Ice

  • As the temperatures begin to drop with the Fall, driving in your community for scrap loads and pickups be aware of slippery ice and frost areas.Often times the frost can leave a slick layer on the road surfaces early in the morning so be area when driving. Also if there are rain showers during the day, the puddles can often freeze over during the night hours so be careful for black ice spots.

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We know scrappers are constantly getting out up and early in the morning to get to work, so keep these safety driving tips in mind when searching for appliances, steel, and other materials. If you are planning on doing a larger job in your area, it may be a good idea to get out there before the school buses start their schedule so you can avoid delays. Also be sure to watch that thermometer before heading out to check for freezing and also dress properly for your work day.

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