4 Things To Avoid At Your Scrap Yard

avoid at scrap yardsWhen you are traveling to the scrap yard, the last thing you want to worry about is a flat tire, broken exhaust, or other costly damage to your vehicle. If you’re like other scrappers, you rely heavily on the quality of your truck or vehicle to bring you back and forth to work or the scrap yard. The next time you visit your scrap yard be sure to look down and around and avoid these things that may be lying around.

Nails & Screws

screws at scrap yardWhile some scrap yard use magnets and brooms to sweep up nails and screws on a regular basis, it is hard to get everything. Also sometimes if scrap yards have a dirt lot nails and screws can be buried for a while and then make their way out. Be careful while driving through your scrap yard’s lot to avoid any nails or screws that could have dropped out from a roofer’s truck or from other items.

We recently spoke to an auto expert and he said that while it is almost impossible to get a nail or screw embedded in a tire going less than 40 MPH you don’t want to test for yourself. So just take the easier route and try to avoid them at all costs when driving through your yard. Also be aware that some pieces of metal that may be laying around like aluminum gutters or siding may also have nails or screws poking out from them.

Equipment & Machinery

Traveler Digital CameraWhen you are visiting your local scrap yard, it is important to stay away from any equipment and machinery on site so you don’t get into a bad situation. Especially for ferrous yards with large cranes and grapplers it is important to know your limitation for where to go and where not to go. If there are signs directing you where to drive, follow them. They’re there for a reason.

Yes, we know that some machines and equipment looks really cool and you want to get a closer look at it, but you shouldn’t. Not only for insurance and safety reasons, you don’t know if it is in operation and how it operates. Perhaps it automatically turns on or there is an operator inside that you can’t see from the ground. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation with regrets afterwards.

Loose Metals & Items

metals at scrap yardWhile driving through your scrap yard’s lot, in addition to looking out for nails and screws, you should also keep a look out for metals and other materials. Obviously there are going to be some materials lying around when you drive through but doing your best can save a tire or two. If there are sharp metals around they can easily slice into your tire and cause some inconveniences.

Also there may be some materials like seal units or aluminum/copper radiators that can contain oils and gases that can be exposed to the environment if you run them over and break them. Be sure to keep all of that in mind when you start rolling through.

Employees & Workers

scrap yard workersIf you are at your scrap yard waiting to be helped or you are unloading your material, be sure to avoid the workers in your immediate area. If they aren’t giving your instructions or haven’t come over to you yet, there probably is a reason. Perhaps they are in the middle of moving something or operating a forklift to complete a task. Keep in mind they are constantly on the move and can be quickly moving in and out of the warehouse.

You may want to ask where they want you to park or pull up to. This is a good idea so that you can ensure you are out of the way and have the best option unloading your material. Most scrap yards have a consistent system they follow and if you are a frequent visitor your understand how they operate. Be sure to stay out of the way.

Avoiding some of these things at your local scrap yard can not only keep you safe but also make your scrap yard trip easier and more efficient. Be sure to know what you can do before heading to your scrap yard to make it more efficient and a smoother trip.

What are some things you avoid at your scrap yard?

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