4 Helpful Ways To Use WD-40

Whether you are scrapping or are using different tools on a regular basis at your job, WD-40 is a great accessory to have on hand for many reasons. We have found that a lot of scrappers use WD-40 for many different jobs or tasks they are looking to complete to make their job more efficient. We have a few ways you can use it for scrapping and other jobs.

Using WD-40 On Moving Parts

This is an obviously way to use WD-40 on a regular basis. Whether it’s on your truck, on a door, or other moving parts it makes sense to apply some WD-40 to those areas that are dried up or squeaky. This can help keep things moving easily and the difference is huge once you apply a quick spray.

Keeping Tools Working Well

When you are working with tools, it can be a great idea to have WD-40 at your work bench to keep your tools working well. You probably have spent some good money on your tools, so keeping them working properly is important to get the job done and also keep them working well for longer. When you are using wire snips, cable cutters, clamps, and other tools with moving parts regularly, it is a good idea to use some WD-40. When you use a small spritz of the lubricant on these moving parts, they can help you pry things open and cut scrap like copper pipes.

See These Pipe Cutters being Used Easily After Applying WD-40

Protect Items From Rust

Just like keeping your tools cleaned and working well, WD-40 can also serve as a protectant for some items when applied. If you have tools or moving parts that are getting wet often but need to be moving even in rainy conditions, it’s a good idea to apply some WD-40. It can not only lubricate the area, but also the oil will repel any moisture from rusting the parts so they can keep moving well in the future.

Taking Apart Scrap Metal Parts

We recently were talking to some of our scrappers on Facebook about how they use different tools to make their job easier. One of them suggested that when you are trying to take items apart like computers or electric motors, you can use WD-40 to slide the items out easier. This can be helpful with some screws or tie downs for materials that are difficult to take apart to clean up.

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How do you use WD-40? Comment below and let us know!

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