3/1/17 Scrap Price Update: Copper & Steel Jump

Good Day iScrappers!

We hope that you have enjoyed the first two months of the year, but WOW, does time fly or what! Let’s dive right into the scrap markets and see what they are up to.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Markets

In the last week we have seen the copper markets take a slight hit only to recover after President Trump’s first address to Congress. Many people are becoming more and more optimistic that the economy and the infrastructure changes that the Trump administration is continuing to talk about will improve and continue to grow going forward.

Add to that that the Chilean miners that are striking are still continuing their strike and it is going into their 4th week of strikes, which have also helped boost the copper prices.

Other markets such as stainless steel and aluminum prices have shown slight increases, and we have finally started to see the markets jump up on all of the reported prices throughout the US and Canada.

Here Are Some Reported Non-Ferrous Prices From The Last Week: 

  • Fayetteville, NC: Sheet Aluminum, $0.37 per lb (3/1/17)
  • Chase, MI: Yellow Brass, $1.27 per lb (2/28/17)
  • Wausau, WI: Brass, $1.43 per lb (2/28/17)
  • Ypsilanti, MI: Stainless Steel, $0.15 per lb (2/28/17)
  • Rochester, NY: Electric Motors, $0.17 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Princeton, WV: Aluminum Cans, $0.39 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Dallas, TX: Stainless Steel, $0.42 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Burleson, TX: #1 Tubing, $2.05 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Burleson, TX: Bare Bright, $2.15 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Tempe, AZ: Bare Bright, $2.10 per lb (2/27/17)
  • Rockaway, NJ: Bare Bright, $2.52 per lb (3/1/17)

Ferrous Scrap Pricing

Steel pricing has continued to climb again and it seems that these increases are much better then the ones over the beginning of 2017 because it seems that real data is backing up the increases.

The overseas markets as well as many of the domestic markets are reacting positively, and not only because of the increase in prices, but because they are trying to get nice material into their warehouses to sell, which is helping everything as well.

Here Are Some Reported Ferrous Prices From The Last Week: 

  • Wausau, WI: Cast Iron, $110 per ton (2/28/17)
  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron, $167 per ton 2/28/17)
  • Princeton, WV:Cast Iron, $120 per ton (2/28/17)
  • Dallas,TX: Shreddable Steel, $110 per ton (2/28/17)
  • Rochester, NY: Cast Iron, $208 per ton (2/27/17)

E-Scrap Scrap Markets

With gold, aluminum, and copper prices all on the rise going into March, we should continue to see E-Scrap prices increase.

Here are some of the prices for certain electronics:

  • Motherboards- $0.50-2.15 per lb
  • Low Grade Boards- $0.05-0.15 per lb.
  • Harddrives (Complete)- $0.37-0.62 per lb.

Let us know what else you are looking for and we will do our best to get them over to you. Happy Trails Scrappers!


National Average Scrap Prices (as of 3/1/17):

  • Bare Bright Copper: $1.92-$2.27
  • Copper Pipe: $1.77-$2.17
  • Clean Brass: $0.88-$1.22
  • Insulated Copper: $0.62-$1.57
  • Aluminum Sheet: $0.24-$0.37
  • Stainless Steel: $0.25-$0.33
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.22-$0.32 (Not CRV Pricing)
  • Light Iron: $65-125 per ton

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