3.7 Million…A Number You Won’t Believe Happened in 2016

In 2016…

3.7 Million Visitors Searched For Prices on the iScrap App

As 2016 comes to a close, we reflect as a company on the accomplishments we have made in bringing the scrap industry resources and information needed to make the job easier and make more money scrapping. With drastic price changes and market news, the iScrap App Team will continue our effort to bring current information heading into 2017. We want to bring some interesting information about how many of you are actually looking for prices.

So Many People Are Always Looking For Prices

When you hear that number it is almost crazy to think not about how many people did find the scrap prices that they were looking for online. That number DOESN’T include all the other people that visited our website to learn more about scrap through our blogs, videos, metal guide, scrap laws, or contact information for scrap yards. But crazier to think about how many people still don’t know that they can find the scrap prices online through the iScrap App.

Thousands of different scrap metal prices have been reported in 2016 and because of that we have seen so many people really benefiting from knowing the market trends, what yards in their areas are paying the most, and just to compare their prices to other peoples prices in their regions.

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We Want To Bring Scrap Prices Online

Scrap metal prices were always a thing that was hidden for many years…and the team at the iScrap App knew that too many scrappers were looking and wanting the knowledge of pricing for their scrap. When we started back in 2011 we had an idea to be able to get the prices across the US and Canada so that people would not only learn more pricing, but learn more about scrap metal and it seems to be really working.

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Learning about scrap is not always an easy thing to do, but because of the iScrap App, but more importantly, the scrappers that we look to help…we are finally getting the prices through. Learning the scrap prices will be able to help so many people and it is apparent by the 3.7 million visitors that we had go through the pricing pages throughout 2016…that people WANT and ENJOY learning about the current prices in their area.

Let’s go over some of the other things that many scrappers have looked to do in 2016.

  • Learn More – From our YouTube Channel to our scrap metals page, people want more and more knowledge of scrap metal and have been learning about it all year long.
  • Prices – Our scrappers have been reporting prices throughout the year with the most prices being reported over the last three months of 2016…which only sets up 2017 to become better.
  • Made More Money – Learning = dollars…by users asking about prices, how to sort, material separation, and so many other things they have been able to really capitalize on how much money they are making with their scrap.

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