SCRAP NEWS | Month: March 2022

War, Oil, Inflation: All Fueling High Scrap Prices – 3/30/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Markets Roaring! Talk about insanity in the markets. We see absolutely no signs of stability or anything that resembles a regular trading pattern right now. These markets have been all over the place, and it’s not only due to the war in Ukraine but also because of […]

Copper Prices Recovering This Week – 3/23/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Holy Prices Scrapman! Let’s talk about a market that seems to be driven by investors and not by consumers right now. We are looking at metal prices, and they continue to climb unsustainable long-term ways. With the amount of inflation going on not only inside of the […]

Copper Prices Drop $0.60 – 3/16/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS War Leading the Markets Happy Wednesday!  With the markets returning to levels that we saw three weeks ago before the Ukrainian war started, we have seen prices return across the board except on the steel front. We have seen copper prices drop down almost $0.60 per pound […]

Top 9 Industries That Affect Scrap Metal Markets & Prices

Scrap metal industries focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling. You’ll find that the sector is vital in eliminating our wastes and reducing carbon footprints. One of the questions that we keep asking is whether the metals market is going up or down anytime soon. In most cases, you notice how quickly the scrap metals change. […]

Should I HOLD or SELL in Volatile Markets? – 3/9/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Good Day Scrap World, Another week of the sad news coming out of Ukraine and Russia has led to massive commodity spiking and problems worldwide. We may see an upset in the markets with prices bouncing up and down on all metals, from copper to palladium to […]

Copper Prices See All-Time High, But Why?

Why has the copper market shot up so fast? The Ukrainian and Russian conflict is causing all of the price gaugings that we have seen since the initial invasion of Ukraine. These world events will generally have significant ripple effects across the markets and commodities, especially when you start to consider the oil effect that […]

Oil, Aluminum Prices Up with Ukraine Conflict – 3/2/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Good Day Scrappers! First and foremost we send our prayers to the conflict in Ukraine and we hope that it gets resolved as peacefully as possible.    With this conflict going on we have a lot of problems in the metals markets and we are going to be […]

9 High Value Auto Parts for Scrap Recycling

Most Valuable Scrap Items from a Car  “One man’s trash is another man’s valuable possession.” The old saying is significant with vehicles. You have your old boring car, but someone else is looking for such a car for reasons better known to them. You could be having an old car and thinking of trashing it […]