SCRAP NEWS | Month: November 2021

5 Places To Store Scrap Securely & DIY Storage Options

Ways to Store Your Scrap Securely Collecting and recycling scrap metal is a popular side hustle. However, finding bits of valuable metals is only part of the puzzle. You have to consider how and where you’ll store the scrap finds. (If only to stockpile your metal pieces awaiting better prices in the scrap market and […]

Time To SELL Copper? – 11/24/21

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Gobble Gobble Gobble!!! With the holidays here (crazy how fast this year went!), we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Whether or not you are deep-frying the bird or eating Tofurkey (no idea what it tastes like!), we hope you have a day to give thanks […]

Hold Both Copper & Brass, Sell Steel – 11/17/21

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS With the markets getting ready for the holidays, we’ve seen pricing starting to show a slight weakness on the nonferrous side. While we have seen the Steele Markets have an incredible $40-$50 per ton increase over the last four weeks overall, the markets have been relatively across-the-board […]

Top 5 Most Profitable Quick Scrap Metal Pick Ups

Scrap metal is a precious commodity. In fact, the scrap metal industry has expanded dramatically in recent years. Consequently, scrap yards, recycling centers, and other businesses that deal with the product have witnessed increased profits. You may have valuables like this lying around if you’re re-doing your house, demolishing it, or cleaning out your space. […]

SELL: Aluminum, Steel & HOLD for Copper – 11/10/21

Some metals like copper have stabilized over the last 12 trading days, which has been a positive sign, and aluminum prices have also continued to show the high prices are lasting going into the end of the year.

SELL: Across The Board for Steel, Iron – 11/3/21

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Spooks gone. Prices didn’t run. We hope that everyone had a nice Halloween and is ready for the last couple of months of the year. Fortunately, we have not seen much market movement on the red metal side over the previous week, as the materials have leveled […]