SCRAP NEWS | Month: March 2021

Where Have Copper & Steel Prices Come From? – 3/31/21

Copper from 1980 through 2005…Copper has become one of (if not) the hottest commodity going into 2021, with the markets drastically going up during the last 6 months of 2020 and into 2021. For many years during the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, copper was one of the most underappreciated metals.

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Hey Scrappers! We are excited to bring you a new place to join the discussion on scrap metal! Ask questions, talk scrap, share photos, and more! Over the last few years, we have found that the iScrap App is a central place that we have a lot of knowledgeable scrappers gather and we want to […]

Metal Monday: Difference in Steel & Aluminum BX

Steel Bx Wire is hard to strip

Steel vs. Aluminum BX, which will win? With two different types of BX wire you really have to be careful when it comes to scrapping them. A lot of the steel BX that is out there was used both in older factories as well as older homes and it can become very difficult to strip if you […]

Getting Your Wire Ready for the Scrap Yard

Understanding copper wire grades

Copper wire and other scrap wire is sometimes the most valuable material you could bring to the scrap yard. That’s why you need to make sure you know what you are dealing with and how to prepare it before putting it on the scale. Get wired up and start separating, correctly! Stripping your copper and […]

Fool’s Copper? Don’t Lose Money on This

Everyone’s heard of fool’s gold as a kid, where you found a rock that was spray painted and you thought you hit the jackpot, but turns out…it was only a rock. Fool’s Copper typically comes in the form of electrical different pieces of copper. Bare Bright, any scrappers dream, can be mistaken for copper-clad pieces […]

Is Copper Cooling Down, While Aluminum Is Up? – 3/24/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS   We’ve been cookin’ something up… 🤫 Well, we have a bit of a secret, but we won’t share it quite yet. Here’s a hint: if you like scrap, like to hear never-before-told stories, and learn how to make more money, then you should pay attention these next few […]

5 Most Important Items In Your Scrap Truck

5 essential tools every scrapper needs

When you are on the road during the day and constantly looking for your next scrap haul, you never know what equipment or tools you may need to get the job done. Below we have listed 5 items that we think you should ALWAYS have in your scrap truck no matter how big or bigger […]

Metal Monday: Romex® Wire

Romex is a common electrical wire best stripped for additional cash

Let’s go over one of the most common house wires out there…romex. Romex® comes in many colors, yellow, white, orange, and a few others and has three copper wires inside of it. One is a bare bright wire which is the ground, and then there are two smaller gauges that could be like a 10 […]

OtterBox #DefenderSeries: Best Way To Protect Your Phone

The iScrap App Team has some exciting news. We’ve partnered up with OtterBox to bring our iScrappers some great products to protect their phones while scrapping and beating up your smartphones. The Defender Series is their toughest way to protect your smartphone from dust, dirt, drops, and anything your hectic life throws at it, literally. […]

Cool, Sometimes Weird Scrapping Items

scrap yard finds

GARBAGE: Some people see it as trash, scrappers see it as CA$H! Some items that scrappers see come through the yards are out of the ordinary and fun. Some things What kind of cool or weird items have you seen go through the yards by you? Here are some of the cool items we were […]

Current Palladium Scrap Prices – Catalytic Converters

Update (4/30/21) We have seen Palladium pricing starting to approach $3000 per ounce as the overall metals markets have increased across the board. With more clean energy initiatives being pushed by the Biden administration- many people believe that the use and demand for Palladium is going to skyrocket as the push for increased fuel efficiency […]

Detroit: A City of Misfortune & Missing Metal

The city of Detroit is a reflection of what the US economy has been struggling with over the last few years. Bankruptcy, crime, displacement of citizens, and also scrap metal theft. In this New York Times article, you can follow the journey of those most affected by the economic downtime and how it has affected them. […]