SCRAP NEWS | Month: February 2021

Trade Schools vs. Union Apprenticeship Programs vs. Colleges

Post high school options

The scrap metal industry is touched by so many different industries including trade industries like construction, electricians, plumbers, and contractors. When you want to pursue a trade career, there are many options as to how to learn everything you can about your trade. Here are some of the options: Trade Schools One of the best […]

3 Ways Scrap Prices Are Impacted Every Day

Ways that scrap metal prices are determined in the market

Many people ask us all of the time about the scrap prices. Whether the market is up, if it is down, or what times during the year do we think that it will be increasing. All of those are great questions but there are hundreds if not thousands of factors that go into figuring it […]

How Do You Scrap A Computer?

Scrap metal recycling for computer recycling

Many homeowners have a desktop computer in their house. If you are looking to upgrade to a laptop, it can be difficult to find a place to recycle your old computer. After you have found a local scrap yard that accepts electronic waste or e-waste, you can bring your computer to be scrapped. Scrap yards […]

Metal Monday: Monel, Inconel, Nickel

Inconel is a high temp alloy

Many people ask about some of the different alloys that we have listed through our metals pages like monel and inconel, and where they can find those alloys. High nickel alloys like monel, inconel, as well as stainless steel are made to be non-corrosive, not-rusting alloys that can perform well in not only high temperature […]

How To Properly Scrap Car Batteries

How to properly get car batteries (and other lead-based batteries) ready for scrap is not always the same as other scrap metals. Scrap is not all created equal and handling batteries is very tricky and should be handled correctly. Scrap batteries, especially lead-acid batteries, are not always easy to transport because if handled improperly they could […]

How To Take Apart Scrap Computers (Step by Step Guide)

How to dismantle a computer tower

One of the most sought after electronic scrap items are desktop computer towers. Not only for the high value of their components but also because they are very easy and common to come across when scrapping. Computers can be scrapped as a whole unit, but if the time is used to take them apart for […]

How to Negotiate Scrap Prices

Get better scrap prices

Trying to get the most money for scrap is like looking for the cheapest gas prices…you search around and sometimes you can find someone to work with that fits both of your needs really well. At the end of the day it all boils down to relationships and doing what is best for you. The […]

How To Grow Your Scrap Business

Maybe your scrapping career started as a side job for some extra cash, then you realized it was time to start growing your services to pick up materials from homeowners or business owners. Some scrappers have the truck and the trailer to haul larger loads away from job sites. Maybe that is your next step in […]

Where Are Scrap Prices Headed? – 2/17/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS 9. Year. Highs. Brrrr (says most of the country)! Who would’ve believed one year ago that we would’ve had copper prices that bottomed out with multiple-year lows and then within one year had copper prices jump to nine-year highs?!? We have seen the markets continue to rally and surpass […]

Copper Hitting Record Highs…Again – 2/10/21

While the stimulus has been heavily discussed, one of the major reasons that the price of copper has gone up has been the optimistic point of view, not only for electric vehicles coming on board but also for the world recovery from what was 2020.

Metal Monday: Tantalum

Tantalum is a heavy metal

Tantalum is a very expensive high-temperature alloy that you won’t find on a normal junk pickup week. A very high strength and very good receptor for electronic uses you will often find tantalum used as capacitors in high value technology as well as in high temperature engines and other nuclear power plant projects. It is […]

Floating Diamonds With A Laser Beam

Want To Totally Geek Out? Check out this awesome YouTube video by User styropyro where he explains and demonstrates how lasers work and how he levitates diamonds in the laser beam. He has a full explanation of math, equations, science, and more behind the way the laser functions and how it can float particle in the beam. […]