SCRAP NEWS | Month: July 2020

Is Even Better Than Going Down? – 7/29/2020

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices Jump To Ferrous Prices Wait for it… …There it is, the ability to be completely uncertain of where the markets are going and why they might be moving one way or another. Good day scrappers and we hope that everyone is doing well And staying busy during the summer. Believe it […]

Metal Monday: Platinum

Platinum is one of the more attractive metals and is most often found in catalytic converters

Platinum is one of those metals that most people think of as being used in jewelry…but most cars have platinum underneath them in the catalytic converters! Platinum can be used to help filter some of the CO2 before it hits the exhaust and goes into the air. Due to it’s high melting temperatures, platinum is […]

Metal Monday: Clean vs. Dirty Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been talked about many times but it always warrants a revisit. There are different types of stainless but one of the biggest things that we stress is having the stainless steel being CLEAN. Cleaning stainless is the biggest problem when it comes to scrapping. Let’s take a dishwasher for example. Clean Stainless […]

Best Day of the Week to Scrap

Scrap Days

Many scrappers are constantly looking for scrap while on the go. We wanted to explore the different days of the week and what days could be better to scrap on. These are not only based on when we think you should go to the scrap yard, but also based on days you should be looking […]

Could Electric Motor Prices Drop As Low As Steel?

As of July 2018 –  We have seen copper prices jumping all over the place, heard rumors about exports getting ready to dry up to China – and that may just be the start of things. With recent news of more tariffs going into place, we may be seeing these markets turning a different direction.  […]

Copper Scrap Prices Heating Up? – 7/22/2020

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Good Day! We hope that everyone has been staying out of this extreme heat. If you’ve been working in it we hope that you have at least been cutTing up a lot of scrap and loading your trucks with it while drinking plenty of water. We […]

Boots & Beds: 2 Things You Should Never Buy Cheap

Buying quality beds for your home and job

We often look for the best deals when we are selling scrap, looking for tools, shopping for anything online or filling the gas tank up. But when is there a good time to spend a lot of money on things….our answer is simple. Boots & Beds. Give Yourself The Best Rest Think about it, you […]

Metal Monday: Copper Cable vs. Copper Wire

Difference between copper cable vs. copper wire scrap metal

How thick should copper cable be? A lot of people refer to insulated copper wire/cable in the same respect…but we want to clarify what most scrap yards consider copper cable. Copper cable is generally power cable and is much thicker in the copper content and recovery base. Insulated Copper Wire: Insulated copper wires normally include: […]

How To Scrap A Grill

The iScrap App, Rockaway Recycling, and Moose Scrapper all teamed up to create a great video series of videos demonstrating the life of a scrapped Cast AL grill. Showing the process of taking it apart, to loading it up in the truck, finding a scrap yard, and cashing it in the videos give you an […]

Scrap Metal Safety Tips

Safety tools

Scrappers have some of the most interesting jobs throughout their workweeks. One day they could be trash picking or dumpster diving, and the next day they could be demolishing an old home. Life is unpredictable when you are a scrapper, and that’s why we love it. Scrap Metal Safety Tips: Scrap Smart & Safe Although many […]

The Basics of Eco-Friendly Scrap Metal Salvaging

Scrapping 101

The summer inevitably brings with it some hot, humid days, rainstorms, backyard barbecues  and evening baseball games. For thousands of families across the country, the warm weather signals the time of year when you might be moving. For offices, the summer offers a few months when the physical move can take place. While it can be […]

Copper Jumps $0.70 Since March – 7/15/20

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Hot Markets! What we have seen over the last couple of months in the copper world has been unexpected but in a good way. So many times we get let down with the steel prices dropping or aluminum conTinuing to be in the tank but we […]