9/29/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Remains Low, Copper All Over

Hey iScrappers! Wow what a crazy week we have seen with the non-ferrous pricing jumping and the ferrous markets falling…let’s get at it. With the Presidential debate going on, the election on-going, and news from the Middle East that the oil production will be changed soon…there is a lot going on. Non-Ferrous Metal Market Update […]

Find Reported Scrap Prices Online

Back in 2015, the iScrap App Team answered calls of scrappers to report your scrap prices online. For years scrappers across the US and Canada have always requested one thing…daily updated scrap metal prices. While the team at the iScrap App has been able to give scrappers an idea of the price ranges, it was always tough to […]

4 Tips for Fall Weather Driving

Take care when driving in the Fall

Now that the leaves are turning and the cold weather is creeping in, it’s time to start thinking about your next Fall scrap load! To make sure that you are keeping safety as your number one goal, we have added some helpful driving safety reminders for the Fall weather. Remember safety first so you, your passengers, […]

Coolest Scrap Metal Finds

We have talked to thousands of scrappers about prices on metals, how to sort and separate metals, and how they can really maximize their time to be able to make more money. But today we want to talk about the cool things that YOU have found in scrap. Cool Scrap Metal Finds We have talked […]

iScrapper of the Month

The iScrap App we are going to be looking for The iScrapper Of The Month. We will be starting this October 2016, and the first iScrapper Of The Month will be chosen for November 2016. Of course with the title of The iScrapper Of Month you will need to show us that you have what […]

9/21/16 Scrap Price Update: Should You Sell or Hoard?

Good Day iScrappers!!! We hope you have been loving (and posting) all of the prices that have been reported over the last few weeks…we certainly love to see it and it helps everyone know what is going on with the markets in their area and across the US and Canada more. Suggested Reading: What’s Going On […]

9/14/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Jumping Slightly

Hey iScrappers!!! With the summer wrapping up you may seen a couple extra BBQ grills out there after the Labor Day holiday…which is alway$$$ a good thing! Since we last updated you towards the end of last week we have seen little movement in most markets. The only slight increase has been in the copper […]

Scrapper Snapchat Takeovers for iScrap App

The iScrap App is now accepting applicants to take over our Snapchat for your scrapping adventures. We are looking for scrappers to show us and the scrapping world the kind metals they are scrapping and how they are taking apart materials. Think you are interested in taking over? Apply to be for the Scrapper Snapchat Takeover! […]

9/9/16 Scrap Price Update:

Hey iScrappers! Hope you are doing well, staying busy, and selling lots and lots of scrap! We have seen some crazy things happening this summer and lately we have finally had a little bit of settling effect in the scrap prices. Non-Ferrous Spotlight Copper has been relatively quiet with the prices jumping up or down […]

How Low Steel Prices Affect Jobs

Everyone looks at the steel prices when scrapping as the worst part of their “scrappy” day…but the low steel prices are hurting people on the other end of the recycling cycle. The people who work at factories and smelters across the world that melt and prepare steel are really getting hurt with these low prices. […]

Importance Of Garbage Men To Society

So we hear that you can make money with anything right? Selling dirt, picking up scrap, selling items online, and who knows what else is out there. There are businesses and products not even invented yet…and if you are the person that invents the “hot new thing,” then you can make money too. Don’t Forget […]