8/31/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Outlook Not Good

Hey iScrappers! Here it is…the end of the Summer of 2016. WOW how time flies. We can’t believe that this summer has come and gone so quickly and another year of scrapping is in the books. We have talked to many people over the last week about the markets, and where they believe that they […]

8/25/16 Scrap Price Update: 3rd Week Ferrous Prices Jump

Hey iScrappers! In the last week we have seen the copper market take a bit of a beating with prices dropping about $0.10 per lb overall. After the nice climb that we saw for the last month or so this is disappointing news but as scrappers…we know that you can bear it, but with steel […]

5 Top Work Boots for Safety & Comfort for Scrapping

When you are working on your feet or constantly traveling for work to collect your scrap metal, work on contractor jobs, working on home improvement, construction, or demolition, it’s important to have the right boots. Like when we’ve talked the importance of buying a good bed and work boots, we wanted to explore some of […]

8/17/16 Scrap Price Update: Scrap Markets Quieting Down

Good Day iScrappers! We hope you are enjoying the final full month of August and you are all staying cool and maybe even taking a little vacation with this nice weather. The scrap market over the last week has been relatively quiet with only minor things happening to even mention. Non-Ferrous Scrap Market Update for […]

How The 2016 Election Is Affecting The Scrap Metal Industry

When US Citizens walk into their voting booths in November 2016, they will not only be choosing the next leader of the free world, but also will be making an impact on the scrap metal industry, including markets. To give you a better idea, we have some of the things to expect and be aware […]

8/10/16 Scrap Price Update: Aluminum & Copper Up

Scrappers! Tom from iScrap App checking in and WOW, what a wacky week we have seen over the last 7 days…and the news is almost exclusively GOOD!!! So we hope you are battling the heat by drinking lots of fluids (maybe some cold ones at the end of the day…ha). Let’s get into some market […]

What’s Going On With Scrap Metal Prices?

Well the markets seem to be doing it again…here we are in the Summer of 2016 and there seems to be little to no stability in the markets and how they are performing. The prices on copper, steel, and aluminum have been relatively low (in terms of the last few years) comparing to the last […]

What is E-Scrap & Where Can It Be Found?


About 2,205 pounds (or one metric ton) of electronic scrap from personal computers contains more gold than that recovered from 17 tons of gold ore according to ISRI. With Americans discarding an average of 130,000 personal computers every day and our government disposing of almost 10,000 computers every week, there is a lot of electronic […]

8/3/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Is Steady

With copper prices mostly unchanged we have not seen to much of a price increase or decrease over the last week. The markets right now seem to be in a very weird limbo state…copper continues to bounce up and down the same $0.04-0.10 per lb. variations, and the other markets seem to be doing much […]

Report Your Scrap Prices: Make Your Mark On The Chart

Have you ever searched online for current scrap prices only to be disappointed with the lack of information or outdated prices listed on a website? Now you can be a part of the change. The iScrap App allows our users online to report current scrap prices in the US & Canada. It’s really easy to post […]