6/29/16 Scrap Price Update: Britain Causes Market Shake Up

Non-Ferrous Scrap Update In the last week we’ve seen the markets especially the copper one really react to the entire vote over in Britain. The vote in Britain with them leaving the European Union, has really caused a large ripple effect through the entire world market and because of that many prices were affected. If […]

6/22/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper In Question

Hey iScrappers! We hope that the official start of Summer 2016 is treating you well and you are out there scrapping away. While we apologize for missing an update last week, we want to really dive into what’s going on with the scrap metal markets this week so we can get you pointed down the […]

Helping The Environment While Recycling Metal


Scrap metal recycling has become a part-time job for unemployed workers and an additional income stream for many individuals and businesses over the past few years. Not only does scrap metal recycling add green to your pocket, but it also helps to keep our environment clean and free from pollution. It keeps the “Green” Movement […]

10 Ways To Help The Environment With Scrap Recycling

How you can contribute to the recycling process

The high value of copper has led to a lot of unwanted press across the US for the scrap recycling industry from stories covering metal theft. Before you give the industry a bad reputation, let’s consider a few of the environmental impacts of the scrap metal industry. Did you know that 40% of the world’s raw […]

Metal Monday: Tips On Separating Scrap Wires

Mixes of wire are common when you are working on jobsites and sometimes it is easier to sell the mixes as-is then it is to separate and sort them out. We talked to multiple scrappers who have done both sorting and separating and depending on what types of wires are mixed together you have to […]

6/8/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Takes More Hits

Hey iScrappers! We hope that you have been checking out all of the prices that are getting posted across the US and Canada and have been able to see where the markets are and what they have been doing. The entire market seems to be a little crazy right now and we have seen a […]

Metal Monday: Dirty Stainless Steel Scrap

Dirty stainless steel. You find it, you see it, you sell it. Pretty simple right? You probably see some of the small amount of contaminants on it and think to yourself that there won’t be a big discount for small amounts of material, but you never know. Then you get to the scrap yard, you […]

6/2/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper, Aluminum Both Drop

Hey iScrappers! We hope that you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend and had an opportunity to thank a Veteran for their service while remembering those who passed away defending our freedom. Non-Ferrous Spotlight In the last week we have seen the prices of copper dip as have the prices in the aluminum […]